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extremely odd couple

odd couple – fotos by Smith

We are an odd couple, Lady and I. I notice people stare at us in public. Is it because I’m 27 years older than she is? Or that she’s 10 inches shorter than I? Or is it the way we look together?

3 Responses to “extremely odd couple”

  1. chris says:

    My husband and I get odd looks to… since it is 25 yrs. between us …we’ve gotten used to it though.

    I’ve gotten so I enjoy messing with people over it.. Makes it fun and interesting.
    When I tell them I married one of my college professors.. I see their minds turning and thinking “” ohhh.. really?” LOL..

    I think you are fun and interesting couple… don’t change…

  2. ranger says:

    If Lady smiles out in public the way she does in many/most of your photos, then that would explain much of it. It’s unsettling for a lot of people to see that level of joy… “What does SHE know that we don’t know?”… “What IS IT about that guy? (well, yeah, he does look a bit odd, but still, she seems awfully happy…)” ;))

  3. Jack McGuane says:

    Have you ever noticed the looks when you aren’t together?

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