Month: February 2011

  • I had too much to dream last night

    dream – foto by Smith Cannibal Saliva Marijuana and Mozart on a Sunday morn Plethora of complacencies Of tongue, beard, bush Poets fall down Dream Drown — Steven B. Smith, 1975 dream – foto by Smith One of the reasons I’m not smoking grass right now besides the heavy burden on our budget is that […]

  • yesterday’s blues

    flesh – foto by Smith Have two new poems, but they’re dark and don’t read right yet, so here’s an old thought. Stormy Weather Whether for wonder bred or welfare bread Flesh is ego manifest in the palm of paradigm — Steven B. Smith, 1985 the blues – foto by Smith

  • mannequin depressive

    junk funk – foto by Smith Reading about Jimi Hendrix recently I learned there was an incredible gulf between his gregarious reckless confident showmanship on stage and his shy insecure manic depression off stage. He even wrote about it in a song titled (what else) Manic Depression — have a listen. Wow – how could […]

  • coffee mountain, mexico

    Cleveland ice – foto by Smith Since I’m on my 4th day of not drinking coffee, I figure it’s a good time to repost my coffee haiku written when Lady and I went up to a village called Tanetze high in the Sierra Madre Mountains in southern Mexico to pick coffee. We lived with a […]

  • promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep

    tinsel tree – foto by Smith How Do (late winter letter to sister Sue) Thousands of icicles hanging from tree branches outside window. Snow falling from sky. Electric heat eating up money. First day without coffee, voluntarily. Fourth day without grass, voluntarily. Bad sleep last night. Life goes on. Waiting for spring and sun and […]

  • A

    How would aliens communicate with us? Or God? Could a sun be an amplifier of a signal?

  • nominally normal

    The Joyous Cosmology – foto by Smith Ever Now I’m normally normal but just not now and it’s always now there’re two times: there’s now, and not now today, and not today it’s never tomorrow that’s why I’m nearly normal nominally now — Steven B. Smith with Lady K, 2006 Another true confession captured poem […]

  • twist

    Come on baby, let’s do the Twist – foto by Smith Junkie Business I’m losing my last two crutches: coffee and marijuana. In the old days I could have coffee after dinner. You know, this junkie business is for younger bodies. You keep doing it, and pretty soon, you end up like Keith Richards, falling […]

  • The razor and the glasses fall opposite ways the same time

    What does cinnamon taste like? Because you know, all I’ve ever tasted is cloves.

  • lineman

    lines – foto by Smith Lineman Hey baby, what’s your sign? Cum here often? Wanna see my coloring book? I’ve got a big red crayon Fit right between your lines — Steven B. Smith, 2005 more lines – foto by Smith