Month: April 2011

  • Mickey Mockers

    mind flux – foto by Smith Our Public Servants or The needle men the wee within hides hollow shadows small Such slime and sin and grime they grin much mock the moral mall In greed they grip the public tit Lick all the wrong behinds The useless twits with inbred wits use farts to fuel […]

  • Grasshopper’s Tale

    one-leg missing Mexican grasshopper – foto by Smith The Grasshopper’s Tale My life’s dog food for do gooders Hot dodgers dogging God’s zone Fur sure of itself Per path and position Point portion pursued We who rise in heat from dream Lick recollection loose From cold fire’s template Futility’s fog We bleed in abandon Dance […]

  • Private Eye Smokey Grey

    early worm – foto by Smith Private Eye Smokey Grey i come to sip yer honey, honey, my sticky bee– internal hive memory nothing personal, just duty. howdy duty. by jingo. by golly. by jolly we’ll be an external manifestation of an inner conversation we spark the waters hold ’em up do the dirty bop […]

  • Letter opposing the Ryan Budget Proposal

    It appears that the Democrats are actually supportive of cutting back Medicare and Medicaid. Please do not support the Ryan budget proposal. It would move to a voucher system in 2022, forcing all seniors to purchase private insurance.

  • ProFound & Lost Department

    World weird wobbly – foto by Smith ProFound & Lost Department Trip on the trolley bet on the bang world weird wobbly heading for hang Look past the dark the dread the decay global warming arc cooking the day Be glad in sadness since sadness abounds from earth’s first flatness till tomorrow’s surround Be spark […]

  • Letter to Senator Portman

    I wrote Senator Portman to express support of cutting the defense budget rather than social programs.

  • Pilgrim’s Progress

    3-D Street Jesus – fotos by Smith Pilgrim’s Progress The shy knees say on turning fifty windows open onto sacred soil closing patterns past The dark destiny dread once deemed admission, lacks Darwinian loss leaks likes lukewarm like drifter drafted Old fuses, fixed with shiny premise shift shape, sometimes seep sleeping spring sprung into dawn […]

  • Hiding out from the law of averages

    Cleveland Recycling – foto by Smith Hiding Out from the Law of Averages A 4 year old’s brain is twice as active as an adult’s Night has fallen and it can’t get up A blue whale’s tongue weighs 6,500 pounds The happy dead rot as rain and rust At Earth’s equator, surface spin = 1,000 […]

  • Easter high in the Sierra Madre

    Tanetze, Mexico – foto by Smith I wrote these haiku high up in the Sierra Madre Mountains in Tenatze, Mexico Easter 2008. We were staying with a Zapotec couple for the second time helping them pick coffee beans from their trees. The family took the day off for Easter and we walked further up the […]


    Snuffleuppagus tapped into my mind back then & Sesame Street spilled out into our universe…