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...and they lived happily ever after. Smith & Lady: poets, artists, photographers & adventurers.
Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

Archive for April, 2011

Mickey Mockers

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

mind flux – foto by Smith
Our Public Servants
The needle men
the wee within
hides hollow
shadows small
Such slime
and sin
and grime
they grin
much mock the moral mall
In greed they grip
the public tit
Lick all
the wrong behinds
The useless twits
with inbred wits
use farts
to fuel their minds
Call down rehearsed
their red tape curse
in girth
of unknown tome
why alone
no known tones
But worse
they ALL tell lies

– Smith, 1991

Mickey mocker – foto by Smith


Grasshopper’s Tale

Friday, April 29th, 2011

one-leg missing Mexican grasshopper – foto by Smith

The Grasshopper’s Tale

My life’s dog food for do gooders
Hot dodgers dogging God’s zone
Fur sure of itself
Per path and position
Point portion pursued

We who rise in heat from dream
Lick recollection loose
From cold fire’s template
Futility’s fog
We bleed in abandon
Dance dawn’s dapple light

– Smith, 1989

old art show card of my mom’s up at Mac’s Backs Books, Coventry – foto by Smith


Private Eye Smokey Grey

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

early worm – foto by Smith

Private Eye Smokey Grey

i come to sip yer honey, honey,
my sticky bee–
internal hive memory

nothing personal, just duty.
howdy duty. by jingo. by golly.
by jolly we’ll be an external


of an inner


we spark the waters
hold ’em up
do the dirty bop

i need some heart gravy.
give me some heart gravy baby–
lounge lizard rhythm in
polyester time

– Lady K & Smith, 2005

smokey grey – foto by Smith


Letter opposing the Ryan Budget Proposal

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Sent this letter to Representative Marcia Fudge, Senator Brown and President Obama:

I am writing because it appears that the Democrats are actually supportive of cutting back Medicare and Medicaid, and I strongly, emphatically disagree with this position.

Cut defense spending instead. Our defense budget is larger than the rest of the world’s nations, combined.

When it comes to absolutely critical services, especially health care, which affects the mortality of people, I emphatically think that these services need to be nationalized.

Privatization is a means of extracting wealth from people and putting it in the pockets of the few, and it is not more efficient or less costly than nationalized health care.

Please do not support the Ryan budget proposal. It would move to a voucher system in 2022, forcing all seniors to purchase private insurance.

I cannot emphasize my feelings on this issue enough, having parents who are soon going to need to rely on Medicare and an older husband who uses it now, and for the first time in his life is able to obtain treatment for critical conditions. (He couldn’t afford health insurance before and was too “rich” to qualify for Medicaid.)

We paid for his cancer treatment out of pocket and it cost us most of our savings.

He has been in pain the past five years, severe pain, and now that he is finally on Medicare, he is able to get the hip replacement surgery he needs.

Thank you!

For more information, please read “Republican and Democratic Plans for Medicare and Medicaid Misguided: Push for Privatization Will Accelerate Costs and Deaths”


ProFound & Lost Department

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

World weird wobbly – foto by Smith

ProFound & Lost Department

Trip on the trolley
bet on the bang
world weird wobbly
heading for hang

Look past the dark
the dread the decay
global warming arc
cooking the day

Be glad in sadness
since sadness abounds
from earth’s first flatness
till tomorrow’s surround

Be spark in darkness
be kind in the rough
lessen life’s starkness
tender the tough

Find silver lining
there’s joy around
to be one living
to walk higher ground

In dark of the day
best make your own light
wrest worry away
don’t beget blight

Fight for the funness
brighten the road
promulgate oneness
lighten the load

Thnx for the jam
thnx for the jelly
I is the am
that makes for the jolly

— Smith, 4-26-2011

Smile – foto by Smith


Letter to Senator Portman

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Dear Senator Portman,

I am writing to express my support of cutting the defense budget rather than cutting social programs, especially Social Security and Medicare.

We rely on Social Security and Medicare–all my husband’s life, he had to find work as a contractor and hence never could afford health insurance. It was such a relief to us when he finally got on Medicare. Indeed, we had to pay for cancer treatment completely out of pocket and it wiped out much of our savings. My husband has been in severe pain for years, and now he can finally get the hip replacement he needs because he is finally on Medicare.

That such a system is being considered for cuts, even if the cuts would happen in the future and to younger people, is something that hits close to home. We’d like these benefits to be available for all people.

The defense budget of the United States is greater than that of the defense budgets of all the other nations of the world combined. This is a prime area for cutting. Please invest the defense budget in our own infrastructure and U.S. citizens’ health and wealth instead of defense.

Thank you!

Senator Portman can be contacted here: and his toll-free phone number in Columbus is 1-800-205-6446.


Pilgrim’s Progress

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

3-D Street Jesus – fotos by Smith

Pilgrim’s Progress

The shy knees say on turning fifty
windows open onto sacred soil
closing patterns past

The dark destiny dread
once deemed admission, lacks Darwinian loss
leaks likes lukewarm like drifter drafted

Old fuses, fixed with shiny premise
shift shape, sometimes seep sleeping
spring sprung into dawn

My fallen rose rising
my no no zone climbing
I sing, pondering coffin’s cost

— Smith, 1996


Hiding out from the law of averages

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Cleveland Recycling – foto by Smith

Hiding Out from the Law of Averages

A 4 year old’s brain is twice as active as an adult’s

Night has fallen and it can’t get up

A blue whale’s tongue weighs 6,500 pounds

The happy dead rot as rain and rust

At Earth’s equator, surface spin = 1,000 miles per hour
In Cleveland, it is 700 miles per hour

Can’t take nothing for granted, not even granite

Vegetarians live 10 years longer

Do we follow contrails in the sky, or contracts on the ground?

People attending church more than once a week live 7 years longer

Our bodies are stardust, our soul chosen light

Women live 7 years longer than men

The more I lose the flow
the greater my need for twigs of joy to slow my low

Whites live 7 years longer than blacks

It’s a long road to whore

Couples in long relationships have higher levels of endorphins,
a morphine like pain killer . . . Roy Orbison was right – Love Hurts

— Smith, 2004

No, No, No – foto by Smith


Easter high in the Sierra Madre

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Tanetze, Mexico – foto by Smith

I wrote these haiku high up in the Sierra Madre Mountains in Tenatze, Mexico Easter 2008. We were staying with a Zapotec couple for the second time helping them pick coffee beans from their trees. The family took the day off for Easter and we walked further up the mountain to attend a girl’s coming-of-age party in another village.

Easter Mountain, Mexico

Rooster crows, bird coos
Sun rises up mountain side
Daily pain begins

Cat claws in my knee
Demands attention from me
Good to be wanted

Country to country
All things change yet stay the same
I remain other

Laugh, touch, cling, hug, hold
People clasp people to heart
I watch from shadow

Outside the fire’s flame
In this dark encroaching cold
I hold my wife, warm

— Smith, 2008

15 yr old girl’s coming-of-age party march – foto by Smith

Lady & Smith, Easter, Tanetze, Mexico – foto by Thomas

from roof of our host’s house – foto by Smith

from kitchen window of host’s house – foto by Smith

view from our bedroom window – foto by Smith

Lady in bathroom – foto by Smith

pineapple growing from ground at base camp – foto by Smith

coffee picking base camp – foto by Smith

lizard on stump – foto by Smith



Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Based on a conversation with Everyman

I remember when I was introduced to Sesame Street culture…

You had this “Big Bird” who was real and normal
accepted as the neighbor down the street
& his imaginary friend

Snuffleuppagus tapped into my mind back then
& Sesame Street spilled out into our universe…


There’s a little fruit fly
flying past my screen

This happens every morning

I see the fruit fly
as a blessed omen
from the god-It

I think the fruit fly
hatches from my keyboard
because there is no fruit
in the living room

I am waiting for a hundred years to pass
for my sofa fermentation
to become an installation

What is the passing of a year but process art
that makes everything that much more interesting?


Buddha discouraged fermentation of the mind

Buddha identified the suffering state
as a state that is mired somehow
as a state that is fermenting

I disagree with Buddha to a certain extent
When mind sprouts fermented fruit
it should be eaten

& then the mind is a bright clean plate again

The plate floats
in the center of the top
of a black hole

If I am suffering
I push the fermented fruit
off the plate

The fruit falls off the plate
into the black hole

The plate is my serenity


It was like a polaroid memory
Snuffleuppagus, last summer…

Last summer I saw an ant war
on one side of the street & then
an ant war
on the other side
of the street

A same day World War

Dead squirrel omens
into the pavement

I promised a piece of blueberry pie
to this guy who sold berries
at the West Side Market

I couldn’t remember what his face looked like
when I returned

There was a car fire on Sesame Street
between two brick buildings
I banged on doors to let people know

Burnt skunk summer

Next week, our friend was shot…


Is Heaven death?

I cannot relate
to rosaried scripts

I cannot relate
to satin robes…

The rapture
is not always on the screen

The revolution
is not always on TV

The rapture
is noting everything that is all around
and weaving it into
a personalized narrative
in a personalized universe

The rapture
is sitting at
a half way point
on a run
under a bridge
by a building
known as
God’s House

One can attach an idea
to a random happenstance
& the idea snowballs
around the germ
& creates a pearl
of cascading

So every instance
cultivates coincidence
& coherence has a role in this
fish scale reality

Definition of happiness?

I looked out the window just now
& two birds floated up
to a tree…


What a wonderful life

What a sad planet

There is not enough time

Money’s lost & the moon is burning

One has to give up ambition
one has to grab the immediate

Your friends are in the Hopi River
Your friends are all around you
They are waiting to be embraced

Incidental grapes who sustain us
on our paths of grace



Copyright (c) 2009 Smith & Lady
Designed by Lady K