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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
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Pilgrim’s Progress

3-D Street Jesus – fotos by Smith

Pilgrim’s Progress

The shy knees say on turning fifty
windows open onto sacred soil
closing patterns past

The dark destiny dread
once deemed admission, lacks Darwinian loss
leaks likes lukewarm like drifter drafted

Old fuses, fixed with shiny premise
shift shape, sometimes seep sleeping
spring sprung into dawn

My fallen rose rising
my no no zone climbing
I sing, pondering coffin’s cost

— Smith, 1996

2 Responses to “Pilgrim’s Progress”

  1. runewarrior says:

    love the poem and the photos are very gripping.. are they of a book cover , album or just a photo thru glass? very transfixing the reflection… nice.

  2. runewarrior says:

    I think you need to put out a book of poetry…. been too long I think?

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