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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
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Easter high in the Sierra Madre

Tanetze, Mexico – foto by Smith

I wrote these haiku high up in the Sierra Madre Mountains in Tenatze, Mexico Easter 2008. We were staying with a Zapotec couple for the second time helping them pick coffee beans from their trees. The family took the day off for Easter and we walked further up the mountain to attend a girl’s coming-of-age party in another village.

Easter Mountain, Mexico

Rooster crows, bird coos
Sun rises up mountain side
Daily pain begins

Cat claws in my knee
Demands attention from me
Good to be wanted

Country to country
All things change yet stay the same
I remain other

Laugh, touch, cling, hug, hold
People clasp people to heart
I watch from shadow

Outside the fire’s flame
In this dark encroaching cold
I hold my wife, warm

— Smith, 2008

15 yr old girl’s coming-of-age party march – foto by Smith

Lady & Smith, Easter, Tanetze, Mexico – foto by Thomas

from roof of our host’s house – foto by Smith

from kitchen window of host’s house – foto by Smith

view from our bedroom window – foto by Smith

Lady in bathroom – foto by Smith

pineapple growing from ground at base camp – foto by Smith

coffee picking base camp – foto by Smith

lizard on stump – foto by Smith

2 Responses to “Easter high in the Sierra Madre”

  1. ranger says:

    …just looking at those great pictures makes me think those folks got it right. I imagine you miss those days ~ it had to be hard to walk away from all that beauty. Well, at least you’re back in the Empire Headquarters, so you can watch Mr. Nobel Peace-Prize bomb the hell out of yet another country. The Sierra Madre’s are looking pretty good to me…

  2. chris says:


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