Month: June 2011

  • White Magic

    White Magic – fotos by Smith White Magic, 18″ x 14″, 1996, mixed media collage by Smith. To be donated to the Brandt Galley 21st Anniversary Show and Auction. Includes a 32-year old Patti Smith holding two white doves from the cover of her 1979 single “Frederick” and “Dancing Barefoot.” Match Mingus our magic We […]

  • Players

    Mother ship – foto by Smith Quantum Chess – foto by Smith Coke 201106 – foto by Smith

  • Democratic stuff

    Democratic stuff – foto by Smith “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” – Warren Buffett, billionaire There’s been an ever-increasing fundamental lack of morality and fair play in America that has exponentially worsened these past 50 years, what with the top 1% of […]

  • The Two-Step Wait Awhile

    Two – foto by Smith The Two-Step Wait Awhile As a kid I watched Groucho Marx TV You Bet Your Life waiting for the contestant to say the secret word so the stuffed duck with Groucho glasses and moustache would drop down with $100 Now adult I say secret ritual dance mental maze make minor […]

  • man made

    What makes a man? – foto by Smith

  • 3… 2… 1… Kudo Credo

    Countdown – foto by Smith Kudo Credo Our old are addled Our young unstrung Most misbegotten And lower rung In gene pool shallow From shadow side Morally hollow Lacking self pride I want excitement And best of breed Spirit delightment Fair use of need Help one another Don’t take too much Best not be bother […]


    This is a response to a video featuring Van Jones for the campaign I wish for Van Jones to be successful in engaging people to focus on dreaming, and I wish for these people to be able to transcend anger and feel compassion so that they can engage even more people and help heal our country and the world.

  • A few seens from the scene

    Lady reading poetry – foto by Smith A few images from last night’s “Outside Art, Underground Poetry” show at Seraifino Gallery. Black Leather Jacket by Lady K – foto by Smith Engine by Mark S. Kuhar – foto by Smith The Last Election by Smith – foto by Smith Future Fact I by Lady K […]

  • excerpt from Serial Suicide chapter of SotL

    sober Smith June 2011 – foto by Lady K probably the gentlest foto ever taken of me Commercial:::::::Lady K, Mark S. Kuhar and I are reading poetry tonight at 7:30 pm in the Serafino Gallery in Little Italy as part of their current Outsider Art, Underground Poetry show in which we also have 36 pieces […]

  • Lady K, Mark Kuhar, Smith in Outsider Art, Underground Poetry

    bottom Mark Kuhar; middle Lady K, top Smith – foto by Smith Outsider Art, Underground Poetry reading and art show this Thursday June 23. Lady K, Mark Kuhar and Steven B. Smith will be reading poetry at the Serafino Gallery in Little Italy Thursday June 23 at 7:30 pm as part of their current art […]