Countdown – foto by Smith

Kudo Credo

Our old are addled
Our young unstrung
Most misbegotten
And lower rung

In gene pool shallow
From shadow side
Morally hollow
Lacking self pride

I want excitement
And best of breed
Spirit delightment
Fair use of need

Help one another
Don’t take too much
Best not be bother
Or social crutch

Where’s evolution?
We’re still in greed
We need solution
Grow better seed

To raise our younger
Peruse the tribe
Help for the dumber
Good to imbibe

So speed example
Role model rise
Seek better sample
Welcome the wise

Brighten the corner
Just where you are
Be truth sojourner
Raise high the bar

Whatever the while
Ripple your best
And offer a smile
To prime the rest

— Steven B. Smith, 6-25-2011

Here’s looking at you, kid – fotos by Smith

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