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Sold, 1990s, now

“Sold” – sculpture & foto by Smith

Spent Father’s Day out at my in-laws repainting an old sculpture of mine that had weathered and fallen apart over the past 15 years of outdoor Cleveland weather.

Now the weather will slowly wear the glossy sheen away and the iron cage she’s in will begin to rust and an orange red color will slowly creep through and stain the white enamel at random points.

In another ten years I’ll have to paint it again when it falls apart.

I love process art that’s slowly ever-changing.

“Sold” – sculpture & fotos by Smith

This is what it originally looked like somewhere back in the 1990s when new. The bamboo frame it was hanging in fell apart after weathering ten years of Cleveland winters.

original format of “Sold” – sculpture & foto by Smith

4 Responses to “Sold, 1990s, now”

  1. kevin says:

    Too bad the bamboo frame fell apart. That gave your piece a strange & wondrous dimension. Still like the idea of the caged woman; whether by her own desires or that of others?
    All your pieces have different facets, like flawed diamonds yet better for their imperfections. More brilliant.

  2. ranger says:

    One of your great old pieces, but gotta’ agree with Kevin ~ the bamboo added something special. Reminded me of a bird cage. When you get a chance every now & then, check out church sales, yard sales & second hand stores for something similar ~ takes the piece to a higher dimension.

  3. smith says:

    Thanks. As for the bamboo, I agree. The wood frame — it was fake, carved to look like bamboo, but solid — with her hanging in it like a bird in a rusty cage was much more special. This isn’t the same thing. Me, I’d hang it from a tree branch with rusty chains.

    Have to go now and repaint the female torso on a portion of telephone pole I have down in the garden where I used to live. She’s lost her TV antenna feelers to the weather over the years. In both cases I made indoor sculptures and put them outside in Cleveland weather for 15 years.

  4. smith says:

    Ranger – now I think on it, I think this foto of her in bamboo cage was taken by you . . . believe you incorporated it into your original

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