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The Lady from Shanghai, 1947

still from The Lady from Shanghai – foto by Smith

Saw for the second time one of my favorite film noirs – The Lady from Shanghai starring Orson Welles and his estranged wife Rita Hayworth. The 1947 film was written, produced and directed by Welles as well.

I shot these stills from my laptop monitor of the film’s finale which is a shootout in a fun house and hall of mirrors. This is the most surreal American film I’ve seen, and my favorite Orson Welles film as well, although I do dearly love A Touch of Evil, 1958 — what a change from the thin slim handsome Welles of 1947 to the at least 100 pounds heavier Welles in the 1958 film.

I’d love to see Welles’ original version because the film’s release was delayed due to heavy editing by Columbia Pictures president Harry Cohn, who insisted on cutting about an hour from Welles’s final cut.

stills from The Lady from Shanghai – fotos by Smith

2 Responses to “The Lady from Shanghai, 1947”

  1. Jack McGuane says:

    I love them old movies

  2. smith says:

    I love the old ones much more than the new ones. Think from 1940 thru 1955 is my favorite period, as long as they’re black & white.

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