Month: July 2011

  • Oaxaca (wuh-HAWK-uh)

    Collage I made and lost in Oaxaca, Mexico – foto by Smith Oaxaca On roof in shade under blue sky sun hot wife asleep in chair with empty beer me buzzed white rose petals once pink slip from bud fall to floor woodsmoke in air mountains surround clouds in between opium seem real dream — […]

  • Unfettered Folly

    Weathered would – foto by Smith 2-fer-1 — new poem + new song uploaded. Unfettered Folly Rocks roll wills wail sorry soul gone to hell didn’t hafta coulda changed you know I ax’ya not to range but blame don’t walk and talk don’t shame when aim won’t work and chalk can’t chain you walk your […]

  • Body & Soul

    Soul – foto by Smith Body and Soul Sneezes, yawns, stretching feel so fine, as does laughter in spirit/ flesh flare — Smith, 7-29-2011 Body – foto by Smith

  • Busride Mountain, Mexico, 2008

    Back of the bus – foto by Smith Busride Mountain, Mexico, 2008 Burros in streets tied up outside houses. Live chickens on seat next to me. Small pig further up, by the dog. Back of bus bouncing. Seats hard. Wife sick. Pregnant woman vomits out window again. Same overwrought cd plays for five hours. Baby […]

  • Hand Jive

    4 fingers – foto by Smith Hand Jive Why four fingers and not three or two and a tentacle? nobody talks fingers it’s all opposable thumbs without which of course certain things wouldn’t do like hammers axes, pole dancers no children skipping rope tieing knots unzipping zippers without the gripper bye beatnik cool snap thumbing […]

  • The Parse & Shuffle

    Oxidizer – foto by Smith The Parse & Shuffle Salamanders are moist and sticky regenerate limbs the only vertebrate to do I’m sweating sticky moist Mom said I regenerated my foreskin I am not a salamander What I need to regenerate is my child eye innocence to view true again Decades dull the edge scar […]

  • Two Truths in Want of Fiction

    Ghost window – foto by Smith Two Truths in Want of Fiction There’s a ghost of a chicken’s squawk In the small dog yap penned across the way Been barking two years now Guess it’s got nowhere to go There’s an urgency beating at me Beating at me beating at me An urgency beating at […]

  • Livin’ Learn

    Push – foto by Smith Livin’ Learn Just cuz it did don’t mean it will Or if it could, can can’t fulfill — Smith, 7-24-2011 Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle – foto by Smith

  • The Shape-Shifter’s Serenade

    Cassandra – foto by Smith Foresight Weather report should report whether tomorrow be fair or despair — Smith, 7-23-2011 There, that’s it, a surreal senryu, today’s claim for a poem. Since 1964 I’ve written anywhere from a couple poems some years to 94 in others, and everything in between — and from 1975 through 1985 […]

  • Well Rung Dry

    Kathy’s Klown – foto by Smith Well Rung Dry Bop on down to the bubble machine To get myself a bauble Sign say nothing there to share Sorry for your trouble What? No poem in my Poem Box? No wit in my Wittier? No candy in my Chimney Sox? No pretty in my Prettier? You’re […]