Month: August 2011

  • Closed Shop

    2nd chance – foto by Smith Closed Shop I used to have dilemmas a whole herd of them until I sold them for a pack of solutions but I was better at holding dilemmas than hustling solutions so lost it all but at least the dilemmas were gone — Smith, 8.31.2011 Dilemma – foto by […]

  • Laptop Dance

    It’s all relative – foto by Smith Laptop Dance Set laptops in laps “Armed, Captain” open monitor lids “Shields raised and ready” turn on “Make it so” go cyberwhere parasitic lap lover excreting heat and bitten bytes symbiotic sex self slaving in lap mingling freqs freak to geek pulse to pulse passion flowing go upload […]

  • Do the cat dance

    Shadow cat – foto by Smith I find I keep writing the same poem . . . a haiku/senryu about our cat Mandy doing her little cat-dance where she’s making-milk-or-bread while two-legged doing her two-paw push-push into a soft blanket, her tail swishing back and forth while she purrs ecstatically. Found these three from the […]

  • the catbird bop

    The Owl & the Pussycat, 2011, 39″ x 27″ x 7″- assemblage & foto by Smith The Owl & the Pussycat Have Sex Such a strange love this fowl and feline this bond between cat and bird in waters deep beyond their reach a heck of a hoot in their catbird heat with a fine […]

  • 7 = cover boy

    foto by Smith I’ve had six of my fotografs used for book covers these past two months (+ one back in 2008 for which I actually got paid $100 by the publisher), all by request of the poets and writers, which tickles my ego pleasure center no end. The foto above on Bree’s autobiography the […]

  • Folly Unfettered

    Me on Target security TV monitor – foto by Smith Here’s another audio adventure into the nether regions of word and sound — Unfettered Folly . . . the music, mix and recording are by Peter Ball (aka Apartment One) while the lyrics, a few odd sounds and the multitude of voices be me. […]

  • our corporate anthem

    Bridget McGuire, Jeff Chiplis (kneeling) and myself wiring – foto by Steve Lambert Spent Tuesday down at the SPACES Gallery helping an artist wire the CAPITALISM part of a 20 foot truck bed sign saying CAPITALISM WORKS FOR ME so blinking lights can flash within the letters as the viewing public goes up to a […]

  • A Flux in the Flow

    Yin yang – foto by Smith A Flux in the Flow Which craft would you take The clean sweep or the cage? — Smith, 8.23.2011 Rocksalt & a hard place – foto by Smith

  • Ylem 1

    Point of view – foto by Smith Ylem 1 They’re never simple, simple things got cause just neath the surface teeth in nasty places two sides to each equation plus bystander option ain’t no one or other all or nothing is myth it’s leggos of egos layered in sayer cathedral cards raised in mist You […]

  • Unruly

    Unruly published by Crisis Chronicles Press – fotos by Smith Got to see my new chapbook “Unruly” last night at the Night Fragments reading. Good book. Contains 25 of my poems and two of my fotos, Poems selected, arranged and published by John Burroughs of Crisis Chronicles Press. He printed the poems crosswise on blue-ruled […]