foto by Smith

I’ve had six of my fotografs used for book covers these past two months (+ one back in 2008 for which I actually got paid $100 by the publisher), all by request of the poets and writers, which tickles my ego pleasure center no end.

The foto above on Bree’s autobiography the Rainbow Sweater & My Mother was taken in poet/artist Peter Leon’s studio this year. The book contains “stories of LSD, karma, chronic pain, the poets’ life, daughterhood and Buddhism” and is available via Bree’s Green Panda Press for $10 at

foto by Smith

This was taken in a display window in the ancient city of Pula on the southern tip of Croatia’s Istrian coast back in 2006. It will be the cover of Chris Brook’s upcoming chapbook The City Shaman’s Notebook soon to be published by Vertigo Xi’an Xavier’s The Poet’s Haven Press. Several of the poems in Chris’ book were inspired by my wife Lady K (who is indeed inspirational).

foto by Smith

This foto was taken inside the walled city of Essaouira, Morocco on the northwest coast in 2007. Sara Holbrook asked to use it for her book More Than Friends by Sara Holbrook and Allan Wolf.

Sara’ is a well known children’s book author, and her many books may be ordered at

fotos by Smith

Last month I had the front and back cover’s of Dianne Borsenik’s best haiku/senryu Blue Graffiti published by John Burrough’s Crisis Chronicles Press. It is available for $5 from
Crisis Chronicle Press.

fotos by Smith

And finally last week I had the front and back covers of my own chapbook Unruly published by John Burrough’s Crisis Chronicles Press. It is available for $5 from
Crisis Chronicle Press.

Except for Sara Holbrook’s book, these covers are all from the past two months, which is rather a nice run for me. There are more fotos I’ve let others use as covers, but I’ve forgotten which ones because I no longer keep lists of shows, covers, publications, readings, etc because it became too masturbatory. All I keep now are the dates of my poems as I write them.

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  1. cool.. well deserved… your visual offerings are every bit as good as your written words.. So congrats.. like all of them.

  2. Being a bit of EGO here but I do not know of one other person who has top-shelf poetry, art, fotos, publishing, fiction, non-fiction, and maybe 2nd-shelf songs.

  3. Well John, I’ve been at all this for 48 years officially, for 52 years if you go from my first short stories at 14, or 57 years if you go from my first hand drawn cartoons or my first photographs age 9. Number of years doing doesn’t always count in the old quantity vs quality paradigm, but quantity of years in practice does often increase the quality of the output. Just like blogging every day (pretty much) for the past 5+ years has made me a better faster writer due to daily practice. I guess sometimes quantity can spill over into quality.

  4. PS — I know of a lot of people who are as good or better than I am in all of these categories, but none in all. Having said that, I shouldn’t have said any of this in the first place . . . one of those spur of the ego moments that are embarrassing. On the other hand, I am a fair evaluator of my output. I just need to learn to fake humility in public.

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