Me on Target security TV monitor – foto by Smith

Here’s another audio adventure into the nether regions of word and sound — Unfettered Folly . . . the music, mix and recording are by Peter Ball (aka Apartment One) while the lyrics, a few odd sounds and the multitude of voices be me.

This is an odd song . . . it builds in its swampy hypnotic slinky snaky loopy way into a tribal dance about the cyberfire. It perks up a bit at the minute-ten point and really picks up again around the two-twenty mark, then rolls around awhile gathering energy awhile, briefly falls apart, regains its balance and finally whispers its way home.

These music jams with Peter are an interesting process. They’re live with no rehearsal and I have no idea what he is going to play. Once he starts, I try to fit my words to his music, and sometimes it takes me half a song to get it. And lately we’ve been adding 3-4 tracks to help hide my vocal misfortunes and flesh out the song.

I now have 27 Smith/Apartment One songs online at

Adult oriented material – foto by Smith

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