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Soon to be the Valium blues

Finished – foto by Smith

Here are the lyrics for a song Peter Ball of Apartment One and I will be recording tomorrow. If it works out, I’ll post it Friday.

It’s a weird process because I have no idea what music Peter will play since he makes it up as we go; and neither he nor I have any idea how or what I’ll say/sing because I won’t know until I hear his music. And it’s a one-time thing because he can’t repeat what he’s done since it’s all whim and whisk . . . the best we can do is add a couple tracks after to flesh in the valleys and hide my mistakes.

Prince Valium

Prince Valium rides
my valley of naught
Soothing inside
Insidious thought

He eases the reins
Of vicious jerks
Smoothing the pain
Of obnoxious quirks

   High slow Diazepam
   Seize me into slow
   Mow my mental diagram
   Make my innards glow

With head getting lighter
Larger and tighter
Comes bits of laughter
Encouraging after

My dragging is slain
Slow slowing down
Much less to explain
And a lot more clowns

   High ho Diazepam
   Riding to the rescue
   Skewering social sham
   Remaking inner skew

I’m sorry you’re sad
Though not really
I’ve goodened my bad
Made serious silly

I know going up
Means coming down
But temporary yup
Way worth next frown

   Doing dat Diazepam
   Dancing with the devil
   Being me as I am
   Knowing I’m not evil

Sometimes it’s best
To blow out your pipes
It serves as a test
For the rest of your gripes

But this this ain’t now
And that now won’t when
To my body I must bow
And get on with Zen ken

   So goodbye Prince Valium
   Thanks for the ride
   I appreciate the value
   Of the lessons inside

— Smith, 9-28-2011

If u take me back – foto by Smith

One Response to “Soon to be the Valium blues”

  1. chris says:

    love it .. can’t wait to hear it…

    love the bottom pic by the way…..

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