Month: October 2011

  • Cliff Notes

    Welcome – foto by Smith Cliff Notes Life is like the leaves breath and chance and sweet romance in and out we weave Finish my coffee feed the cat to stop her squeak fix her wanting wheel My progress raises some questions of gestation and delivery I figure that grass is herbal meditation for slowing […]

  • I’m Not as Bad as All That

    Self portrait – foto by Smith This is a Frankenstein’s monster of a poem with stanzas stitched together in spite of how they feather because it’s the way the words came out my brain. I’m Not as Bad as All That You know you can’t be a total rat when you have a cat purring […]

  • Garbage begone

    Lot closed – foto by Smith 12 years ago the world’s population reached 6 billion people. Monday, we hit the 7 billion mark. It took millions of years to reach 1 billion people in 1800. Took another 130 years to reach 2 billion in 1930. 30 years later: 1960, 3 billion. 14 years later: 1974, […]

  • Fast Flux & ScareCorps

    Sunrise – foto by Smith Fast Flux My life’s strange lately fast, fractured, fractal no consistency or underlying grid to get a grip on no platform for planning or traction it’s all Now! Important! Immediate! yet constantly changing mutating “This is happening” OK “Oops, no time, can’t do” OK “Time to go” Where? “That thing” […]

  • Okey Dokey, Smokey Grey

    Banksy rat, London trash can – foto by Smith This is my third and last Smokey Grey Private Eye story, which I wrote five years ago in Croatia. The original version seemed to go a bit awry, although the last third’s rather sweet with Lady sitting down and talking with Smokey. Hopefully this rewrite flows […]

  • The Bluebird of Happenstance

    Choice – foto by Smith The Bluebird of Happenstance When things go when then wishing is like clutching wind but the game’s still rolling as the genes keep going due DNA diligence so we do today in day after day our daily sorrow for carrot-stick tomorrow and the old Get Yours Later After You’re Dead […]

  • According to Court, Cleveland violating 1st Amendment

    Cleveland violates 1st amendment – foto by Smith The Occupy Cleveland legal folk really need to check this out because according to this 2000 court case, Cleveland is depriving us of our civil rights and freedom of speech and is in violation of the law. ~ ~ ~ Sign sez: The court concludes the 1st […]

  • Bad Brew

    What a web we weave – foto by Smith Bad Brew It’s not possession but possessing that’s the rub to oppose obsessing obsession ain’t no good perfume just bad brew Old Testicle sez nothing right or wrong but means and method make it so so moderation sometime saint sometime sin sometime just the waiting bin […]

  • I only eat dead frogs when I have to

    Robert Ritchie Memorial Service 10.21.2011 – foto by Smith Friday night’s candle-lit Lincoln Park Memorial for punk poet artist Robert “Dick Head” Ritchie was one of those magic moments that give life depth. Everyone told their Dick Head stories and I learned Robert was way weird way before he started doing drugs and alcohol. When […]

  • Occupy Cleveland arrested, scattered, regrouping

    temporary remains of Occupy Cleveland day 17 – foto by Smith Notes from Occupy Cleveland Live Video Feed 10.21.2011 10pm more than a dozen cop cruisers five police vans and an EMS vehicle arrive cruisers block off streets police drag couple people off arrest and toss into van SWAT team shows up in riot gear […]