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Fast Flux & ScareCorps

Sunrise – foto by Smith

Fast Flux

My life’s strange lately
fast, fractured, fractal
no consistency or underlying grid
to get a grip on
no platform for planning
or traction
it’s all Now! Important! Immediate!
yet constantly changing mutating
“This is happening”
“Oops, no time, can’t do”
“Time to go”
“That thing”
Thought it went can’t
“It changed”
go where don’t know
see hear foto
tulmultuous tableaux
strange brew
able few
who do
zoo due
socio-politico hoodoo
voluntary voodoo
for new view
true blue
us to

And that’s just exterior
Interior weirder
Wrong rung in would

— Smith, 10-28-2011

We need help making ScareCorps scarecrows from 1 to 3pm Monday afternoon October 31 in Public Square for a 5pm Halloween display. We are protesting corporations and City Hall’s not allowing Occupy Cleveland to camp (the new “permit” doesn’t allow for tents) in the Tom Johnson NW quadrant of Public Square per our legal right.

No experience necessary to join in. We need all the hands we can get. Plus it’ll be fun.

We need enough straw, burlap, twine, paint for faces, etc. to make twenty “ScareCorps” to lay as sleeping figures around the quadrant. We’ll write a corporation’s name on each “sleeping” ScareCorps. I’m figuring we can use old pillowcases with blown up balloons inside for their heads and burlap for torsos. Arms and legs optional, depending on creative input.

Sunset – foto by Smith

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