Month: November 2011

  • stumble down road

    No exit – foto Smith Was unsure what to make of our new song Ego Disease; it slip slides all over the place, diseased singing over diseased music. Then it hit me – it’s Bad Dada Cabaret. I could see this on some dark dirty stage far far off Broadway down underground in an old […]

  • Walking Wheel of Life

    Coffee jitters – foto Smith Walking Wheel of Life Come each night I think about giving up coffee. Next day not a chance. — Smith, 11.29.2011 Falling off the coffee wagon – foto Smith

  • Daily Digest – Monday, Nov. 28 – Discussion

    An Hour of Bat Signal! * Tents at Soldiers & Sailors Monument Removed * Discussion of Joshua Holland’s Article: “Naomi Wolf’s ‘Shocking Truth’ About the ‘Occupy Crackdowns’ Offers Anything but the Truth” * International, National, State News * Today’s (Monday’s) Events * Please Contribute to Event Planning Guide * Origami Tents! * Black Friday – Why?! Save Your Money for a Good Cause * Update on Electrical Hookup for Heat and Permit for Info Tent * Permanent Occupiers Workgroup * New Communication Improvements * Today’s Poetry * GA Recap Links * Update on Electrical Hookup (For Heat) * Update on Possible Winter Home * Bank Walk-away Project * Possible Community Meetings with Police * Call for Help to Stop Garbage Incinerator * Fresh Facilitators Wanted * Upcoming Events of Note * Meetings / WAGs * Current Haves and Needs * More Reading / Links * Call for Information

  • Face place

    Face place 1 of sculpture by Cat Smith A few faces about the place. Face place 2 of sculpture by Mother Dwarf Smith Face place 3 collage by Lady K Prey Has No Name We fish with human face such depths of want and need heart drum beat to pulse blood hope in womb warm […]

  • Surreal Thing

    Cover foto by Jerry Mann For a week in March 2000, everywhere I went in Cleveland I saw my face staring back at me from newspaper boxes, coffee house counters, internet cafes, diners, paraphernalia shops. It was the week after I turned 54 and I was the cover story for the Free Times, a weekly […]

  • Ego disease

    Cookie kit – foto by Smith This is like an ambling random walk through the mind of my life, part darker heart of Dr Seuss. Will record it as a song Friday with Apartment One and post it online Saturday, if it’s not too horrendous. Ego Disease I’m older than mold, saw first mushroom bloom […]

  • Squirrelly

    West 14th St squirrel – foto by Smith Pablo Picasso, Died It pays to heed occasional squirrel whiles Poor castle cast off My heart does not knead for you Your warped eye whispering Spawns demon shadows only Alone Within your hairy benobbed frame Need not be Repeat Need not be Red naped realities abound Need […]

  • Birth Life Death

    Birth . . . Life . . . Death – fotos by Smith Quantum Stereo You ask – is there life after death? Holding my breath Intending no mirth I reply – is there life after birth? The graveyard’s filled The graveyard’s full And still the dead are dying This lifeless life Makes death look […]

  • d.a. levy, 10.29.1942 – 11.24.1968

    (This d.a. levy booklet is 1.75″ x 2″) Cleveland’s d.a. levy put a shotgun to his head and his brains all over his apartment wall in 1968 at the age of 26, beating my brother Cat who four years older and nineteen years later blew his brains all over the back of his brand new […]

  • Holy H2O 4

    Holy Water As I lie reading ‘Tao Te Ching’ drops in bathtub I soak in Tao juice — Smith, 2005 It took me 42 years writing poetry to write my first haiku, or senryu for the academics who insist on proper wordage, and it happened because I was soaking in the bathtub reading Lao Tzu’s […]