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Ego disease

Cookie kit – foto by Smith

This is like an ambling random walk through the mind of my life, part darker heart of Dr Seuss.

Will record it as a song Friday with Apartment One and post it online Saturday, if it’s not too horrendous.

Ego Disease

I’m older than mold, saw first mushroom bloom
was born before cold, back before doom

In dance with my shadow, look long other way
watch white walking widow lead losers away

Words walk on wingtip, revolve their own needs
always re sing it, plant their own seed

Sun warming wonder, moon circling round
Heisenberg under the word weighing down

I’m dumber than scum sucked from a pool
blown from the nose of a noisy old fool

Looking for new myth, struggling with old
stumbling through glue, mist, same sack of sold

Searching for sunlight, slipping through slim
before poor old mother night gets a glimpse of my grim

My brain and its two lobes lob each leech to leech
hail hardy in starched robe, yet somehow retreat

I stagger in strange though struggling ports
importing wide range of imploding aborts

Brother to suicide, sister to sin
mother to matricide, in blister begin

Scum dumb begun begat that at last
what once word of was now scampers past past

Sum don’t just add parts, it takes what it sees
leads from the word art to ego disease

I half kill my humble, but mumble and moan
re-using my crumble, go stumble down road

— Smith, 11.26.2011

Soul flow – foto by Smith

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