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Dead men’s fingers

The Watcher – foto Smith

Blood Diamond Sutra

While time dries the blood of history
dead men’s fingers drive the train.
We tunnel down to basic mystery
then execute, and wait for pain.
Why walk this world full of misery
search and seek for better gain.

Just try to live outside of usury
try to follow righteous reign.
With gold above, below’s all blistery
Hell and Heaven both the same.
A game they play to say “This is me”
pre-planned to place the proper blame.

So in this unclean sticky pissery
to stop the smell please try to aim.

— Smith, 2009

Complicated swirl – foto Smith

2 Responses to “Dead men’s fingers”

  1. chris says:

    miss reading your blog…. I hope to get caught up… like the poem and photos .. as always.

  2. chris says:

    you are a reincarnated wizard Steve….

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