Month: February 2012

  • Mother Dwarf, Lang and me

    Mother Dwarf & Smith – fotos by Jim Lang The top 4 fotos were shot by poet-artist-potter-photographer Jim Lang. I was pushing Mother Dwarf to the Brandt Gallery for the opening of her one-woman show . . . probably her Lost & Found show in 2004 — she had five solo shows between her first […]

  • Have

    Price checker – foto Smith Mere Image I sit on sidewalk hand out hungry gaunt still watching well clothed groins hips asses pass their eyes averted purses closed wallets clutched change clenched in unforgiving fist afraid to see me as mirror of coming future current failure — Smith, 2.26.2012 Gaunt – foto from Internet, artist […]

  • Carl Sandburg, from War Poems [1914-15]

    Think of mom – foto Smith Wars by Carl Sandburg, from War Poems [1914-15] In the old wars drum of hoofs and the beat of shod feet. In the new wars hum of motors and the tread of rubber        tires. In the wars to come silent wheels and whirr of rods not       &nbspyet dreamed out […]

  • “Send me a postcard, drop me a line”

    USPS middle finger postcard collaboration – foto Smith Jef Scharf’s Possibly the last postcard Show last night at Gallery Wolfy Part II was absolutely brilliant both in content and context. He inventively hung the cards straight out from the walls so you could see both sides; and a plethora of fine cards they were from […]

  • The Last Postcard Show (2nite)

    Postcard show taste 1 – foto by Jef Scharf Jef Scharf blog & PR for tonight’s postcard show (in which Lady & I are included): Possibly the last postcard Show Gallery Wolfy Part II 2676 West 14th Street Cleveland, Ohio 44113-5216 The postcard show is coming together and here are two shots of the basic […]

  • One Summers’s Sigh

    Defend music – don’t listen to Smith – foto Smith Recorded a song today using a 1965 poem with a 2012 chorus. Same writer, 47 years between verse and chorus; 19 when I started, almost 66 when finished. Got to be some kind of record. Now if only I could get paid by the hour. […]

  • additional envy

    Additional envy parking – foto Smith I experienced such a huge case of envy awhile ago I had to rent additional parking space for it; but fortunately I misplaced my key and forgot the lot and lost it all, so am happily envyless again Om – foto Smith

  • Salve in saving see

    Silver lining – foto Smith Knot Thought I’m catching the worry disease wondering what’s what if something I undid would make a different here or thought thought bad could space itself reshape so hop from was to was letting present slide lost in if and when instead of being high mountain spring newly sprung flowing […]

  • Dead/Live Smiths show taste 2

    Miles to Go, 1999 – assemblage & foto Smith 75% of the fotos I took of our art show after we hung it and on opening night are unfocused. This is rare . . . it’s like reality doesn’t want me showing the show. But here are a few of the remaining focused ones anyway. […]

  • 3 Smith fotos on new Crisis chapbooks

    Only Human by Definition by Jay Passer – foto Smith Three more of my fotos are being used as covers for Crisis Chronicle Press chapbooks . . . this will make 6 of 18 of their publications so far with my cover fotos (2 of which included my foto on the back as well). Believe […]