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3 Smith fotos on new Crisis chapbooks

Only Human by Definition by Jay Passer – foto Smith

Three more of my fotos are being used as covers for Crisis Chronicle Press chapbooks . . . this will make 6 of 18 of their publications so far with my cover fotos (2 of which included my foto on the back as well).

Believe there will be many more down the line since I’ve blogged between 750-1,000 fotos a year for the past 5.5 years, so I’ve got a lot of bait out there to catch artists’ eyes.

Only Human by Definition is a collection of 18 poems by Jay Passer. This 20-page chapbook, saddle stitched and lovingly hand-assembled using high quality mauve and gray cardstock with white pages, was published on 6 February 2012 by Publisher / poet John Burroughs of Crisis Chronicles Press. John manipulated this foto, turning it into a negative.

Only Human by Definition – by Jay Passer (CC#18).

Desire Lines by Chansonette Buck – foto Smith

Burroughs press release:
Crisis Chronicles Press is very busy this month. We already published California poet Jay Passer’s Only Human by Definition on February 6th and are planning to release two more chapbooks very soon: Primer for the Vanguard Youth by RA Washington on Monday the 20th and Desire Lines by Chansonette Buck to celebrate leap year on the 29th. Buy now and I’ll mail them as soon as they’re together.

(Smith note – all these books are $5 + postage and all are high quality and handmade).

Primer for the Vanguard Youth by RA Washington – foto Smith

This will give me five Crisis covers in a row and 8 of the last 10. Forgive my bragging but this makes me proud, tickles my fancy, escalates my oscillation.

One Response to “3 Smith fotos on new Crisis chapbooks”

  1. john b says:

    Take a bow. Right now you might be my favorite photographer ever – and I know a lot of great photographers. As long as you so graciously and generously allow me to continue pillaging your files, there are certain to be more. Crisis Chronicles Press has a Smith cover foto fetish.

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