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One Summers’s Sigh

Defend music – don’t listen to Smith – foto Smith

Recorded a song today using a 1965 poem with a 2012 chorus. Same writer, 47 years between verse and chorus; 19 when I started, almost 66 when finished. Got to be some kind of record. Now if only I could get paid by the hour.

I’d classify this song as an urban stumblebum rhythmic blues — aka One Summer’s Sigh.

Music, mix, recording Peter Ball of Apartment One; words and voice me.

One Summer’s Sigh

Once upon one summer’s sigh
Not many tears ago
I took to bed a butterfly
And love began to grow

To follow her I sprouted wings
Full wondrous to behold
For they had many mysterious things
Entwined throughout the gold

  So I’m looking in my heart telling it to wait for me
  While stumbling in the dark for lack of better bait to be

We soared upon a silvered kiss
Flew high through emerald rays
I sipped her sated green abyss
And bled in blues the gray

We wove the autumn’s amber wave
Till sad we breathed the dread
That forms in lack of somber weave
Such is as love is led

  Looking in my heart telling it to wait for me
  Stumbling in the dark seeking better be to be

— Smith, 1965-2012

There are 40 Ball & Smith songs at, and I’m in the process of turning them into free downloads.

PS – I finally found my “better be to be” when Lady walked into my life 6 and a half years ago.

LovE – foto Smith

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