Month: March 2012

  • focus unfocused mobius strip

    Mobius strip – foto Smith Past Lies and Poverty Old wonders shrink, grow tame in time The new fear hangs on In quiet desperation, quit of desire Like the shadow of a crowded Culture in which each Declare their innocence In straight unfocused silence It is there The smell of unwashed Dishes smug in the […]

  • Dead End (not!)

    Dead end – foto Smith Had to choose this poem because it’s my only one mentioning “dead end” and I really wanted to use the Dead End foto above. Tried & Traveled After I died in my dead end drinking twenty years ago it took three days intensive care six months of Nyquil to beat […]

  • MaiNtENaNt 6: A Journal Of Contemporary Dada Writing & Art

    MaiNtENaNt 6: A Journal Of Contemp[orary Dada Writing & Art cover collage by Mina Loy 1882-1966 – foto Smith I have a collage in MaiNtENaNt 6: A Journal Of Contemporary Dada Writing & Art published out of NYC. I was expecting a self-produced chapbook, but what arrived today is a top-shelf professionally printed professionally edited […]

  • Rain forest man

    See ya later alligator – foto Smith The alligator above kept swimming underwater as close to a group of small school kids as it could get. The children were clustered around the glass and the gator would swim low and come up with its snout resting against the glass the child was pressed against; when […]

  • Dead Cat

    me on left, brother Cat on right, 1981 (not my hair, not his glasses) Lady’s done the final edit on my memoir and now it’s down to formatting, so it should be out in a couple months. Here’s an excerpt from the chapter titled “Dead Cat.” Cat was my brother, 11 years younger. He committed […]

  • Lessen Zen lesson

    Red hot Smith – foto Smith Red hot? Ha! Right now I’d be happy with luke warm. Gave up coffee the first of the month and just coincidentally (I hope) stopped writing poems at the same time. Longest I’ve gone between poems in 3 years. Not only that, but I’ve little to say, which makes […]

  • Working on healing systemic illnesses – new poetry series

    March 27 @ 6 PM – “Poems of Power, Words of Life Against Brutality.” We’ve been meeting with a friend to talk about what can be done in the poetry community regarding some of the most crucial and poignant issues of our larger community, and how to involve the larger community into a dialogue to collaborate on a vision towards which we can effectively work…

  • Oyster Boy

    Oyster Boy by Tim Buton – foto Smith

  • Encounters with perception

    Encounters with perception – foto Smith

  • Ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s farm no more

    Blue iron tree, Hooper’s Farm – foto Smith Lady is going to start growing outside things six blocks down the street at Hooper Farm. Erich Hooper has generously donated a few rows of earth to get her started. Since she calls herself the Plant Kevorkian, this should be interesting. Going to grow tomatoes and things […]