Mobius strip – foto Smith

Past Lies and Poverty

Old wonders shrink, grow tame in time
The new fear hangs on
In quiet desperation, quit of desire
Like the shadow of a crowded
Culture in which each
Declare their innocence
In straight unfocused silence

It is there
The smell of unwashed
Dishes smug in the stench of our
Unclean shame
Like a salesman’s underbreath
Fishy, stale
The deep teal, the tiled resonance

Of hungers on top of hungers

— Smith, 1985

One Response

  1. wow…. what an exceptional poem…. I think your best piece Steve. What was going on in 1985 I wonder to have evoked it?

    beautiful.. it struck me so….

    also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the top photo… I’d like to ask for the use of it if possible… love the composition of it with the car lettering and the reflection of the trees in the background.

    Your talent and Kathy’s always inspires me in turn.. thank you for that gift.

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