A couple plugs, friends, for some causes and events about which I care. First, I’m involved in Occupy Cleveland and I do the newsletter for them twice a week. For months we’ve been preparing for HeartFest. We have the official celebration at Willard Park April 28-30 and then May 1 – 5 there will be activities that are at our space in Public Square, a bit more limited (as we could only afford the permit for three days). On May 2, Smith & I are reading poetry in the NW quadrant of Public Square at 6 PM.

So here’s the blurb for HeartFest:

HeartFest 2012 – April 28-30

Willard Park (Free Stamp Park) on Google Maps…

Stage schedule April 28 – 30 (subject to change)…
More events on May 1 – May 5 as well…

Join us as we gather our communities together for a 99% Spring festival. Everyone is welcome to participate! Festivities include family fun with the community, free food & entertainment, educational workshops, community meetings and general assemblies, local business spotlights, sames, music, poetry, a really, really FREE market & more! Please bring usable, nearly new, cool items/clothes/plants, etc., to donate and swap. Also: yoga, zombie walks, Planned Parenthood, art, speeches, kids stuff, toy giveaway, music… jamming. Bring your drums!

Questions? Email

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The second thing I really, really care about, even more than HeartFest, is the celebration of trees and the planet enshrined today in Arbor Day and in holidays like Earth Day. I personally plan to go out and hug a tree today. Or more. Why not? I say, “embrace the label!”

In honor of the trees, Grandma and I bought memberships to Holden Arboretum in Kirtland this past week. For those who haven’t heard of it, it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in Northeast Ohio. Today and this weekend you can enjoy FREE ADMISSION all weekend! One of the major exhibits, opening today, is called “Vanishing Acts: Trees Under Threat.”┬áThe exhibit’s name is really a misnomer because we are going to prevent the loss of these species, but what the Arboretum is saying is that some trees have been harmed, and they are providing an opportunity to learn more about the issue and help in the actions to save our planet’s trees.

We’ve also ordered some tree seedlings from the Arbor Day Foundation and I plan on integrating them into my life in a very interwoven way. I’m giving some to my mom and some to my aunt, and am looking for anyone else who might want some trees as well.

~ Lady

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