Faulty window – Smith

Soap Opera Century Walk Bach To Me

Saw a cat sit and beat a drum with her tail
Thought of Jonah swallowing the whale
Of the life against which he lived to fail
But someone already told that tale

Then there’s Icarus flying too close to the sun
While the Minotaur after Theseus does run
And Medea over Jason kills her son
But she’s not the only one

Medusa with one look turns men to stone
As Isis hunts far for Hurus’ last bone
To reunite his body and death atone
Might have been simpler simply to reclone

Robin Hood robbed and taxed the rich
Whose greedy palms did always itch
For larger status tents to pitch
But too much want leads to the ditch

Hercules had to clean their stables
Because only he was able
Unless that is just another fable
And I’m sitting at the wrong table

All these tales tell outlandish lies
Trying to answer our unsettled whys
To explain what’s above the skies
The how and why we live our lives

But there ain’t no truth to a single one
Except for truth of having fun
Though bits of truth in each one sum
Yet no final answer till this this undone

Of course I could be wrong on all this
This endless list of missed and myths
I mean I don’t even know my is
Much less the way of bliss ‘n show biz

— Smith, 4-24-2012

Broken window – foto Smith

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