Too much – Smith

The Wolf Who Cried Human & The Pack That Wouldn’t Believe

It’s not about me
It’s about you
No matter what you do to me
It still leaves you with you

In wanting is suffering born

The rabbit never stops running
for rutting
from stuffing
for eating
in rabbit run meaning

Feed the cat or listen to perpetual meowing machine

I’m askin’ not requestin’
Inquirin’ not suggestin’
Ain’t no shakin’ in the Shakers Circle
Ain’t no quakin’ at the Quakers wake

This is rather what I’ve done
I’ve flowed from sun to sun

Croon old placenta moon
In squid ink sky
Reflect on root
Over white water why

Rat shack me shank around a bend I go
Downstream between the healing and the heat

— Smith, 4-23-2012

Dr Smith’s prescription for reality – foto Smith

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