2nite – foto Smith

This needs to be sung fun and jolly, like a Saturday morning TV children’s song.

Tonight’s Advice to Tomorrow’s Me

Whatcha gonna do when the oughts run round?
Whatcha gonna do when your thoughts dip down?
Whatcha gonna do when your heart ticks tight?
Whatcha gonna do when it’s not all right?

It is not the fall but the getting up.
It is not the fail but the making up.
It is not the fault of the other folk
If you’re the butt of the cosmic joke.

Forget the outer, it’s the inner view.
Regret’s your master unless you renew.
Yesterday’s gone around the bend.
Tomorrow’s chance to make amend.

Past makes perfect seems to suggest
You’ve taken leave of some sound sense.
Then seeps in when somewhere down the road
Sometimes too steep to carry the load.

It’s always here and now, this not that
No matter what jumpstarted this act.
Work from in to out till all sparkle clean
Then get to work on the rest of the machine.

– Smith, 4.29.2012

2morro – foto Smith

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