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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
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Bird in bind, bird in hand

Bird in hand – foto Smith

Lady feeds the birds a variety of seeds each morning before her 2 to 4 mile run.

She also waters the flower seeds she planted to pleasure the bees, and fills her little bee bath with water. A bee bath is a shallow pool with rocks so the bees can walk from dry rock to rock and sip at will without getting their little bee feetsies sopping wet.

This morning she upped the ante. While I was watching from our 3rd floor window waiting to see her re-seed the bird feeder in the tree below, the birds darting about in anticipation, I hear her come up behind me and softly say “I need your help.”

She had a small bird in her cupped hand. The bird’s feet were tangle-tied together with a few long strands of grass and some small flower vine. The bird didn’t move at all, stiff with fear.

We gently cut the grass and vines away; she took it back out and off it flew. I wonder what tales it will tell its avian tribe about the fearful giants who not only feed it but saved and set it free.

So I’ve got my own St Francis of West 14th Street here who specializes in bees and birds but will include any and all life forms beneath her protecting wings.

Broken Bird

I took in bird
with broken wing
and set it right
gave time to heal
then let it sit a spell

But broken wing
broke the bird
though strong
it sits and yearns

I’m thinking worm will
work its sway
with time and want
and bird will well its way

— Smith, 2010

She she – foto Smith

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  1. chris says:

    great deeds are often small ones.. love the bottom photo of her resting…. much love to you both…

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