Lady in Abeilhan, France – foto Smith

Here is an early video short from Lady K, her second I think, from April 2007.

It was delightful: we were living in the south of France in a hilltop village and walked to the next hilltop village through vineyards (from Abeilhan to Coulobres) where I lay in the sun, my head in her lap, in front of an old stone church, and babbled a 33 year old poem.

It is two minutes forty-seven seconds of sweet gentleness . . . Being in South France >>> by Lady K.

The Corporate Mean

The promised land of milk and honey
Hides the men of scars and shame
Who came they say to slay their dragon
Yet slayed to stay the same

Sleep creeps like Jason’s wool
Down shelf enchanted eyes
Devolved from Mammon’s muse
These self selected wise
Inside their phantom rooms
In fairy tale castles
Devoid of viable dooms
As integrated assholes
They sway
Illusion’s lies

— Smith, 1974

Beziers, France – foto Smith

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