Month: June 2012

  • High Noon

    Americanitis – foto Smith High Noon Not to jest but many more so years ago out west in a troubled town I drew down and had to reach my best. I looked within and saw such thin dark dank dim but said so what it’s just a shuck I will not fail this test and […]

  • Telegram from Mother Earth

    No vandal stole this handle – foto Smith Telegram from Mother Earth I swear by Azathoth, Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Clothianidin, Tsathoggua, Yog-Sothoth, and Mi-Go, the Fungi from Yuggoth: improve as human species or we’ll flush your sorry feces I tell you true I ain’t no fool It’s the carrot or the stick — Smith, 6.29.2012 Up […]

  • Still Withers

    Secret passage – foto Smith There’s an almost song here in this wisp of a will — it’s so low-key it’s almost non-existent. Recorded it today; poem from 1965, chorus today –> Still Withers. Still Withers The tears come quickly to my eyes as my heart cries, withers and dies withers and dies, withers and […]

  • To One Eye Love

    Cover foto by Smith Crisis Chronicles Press has chosen another of my fotos to cover a poetry chapbook: I Can Live with Death by David B. McCoy. This makes 11 front and 2 back cover fotos for CCP’s 28 publications. Perfect foto for the title. And speaking of life and death, per the doctrine of […]

  • sunshine shadow

    Lady Sunshine – foto Smith Parts Unknown Mangos and unknown parts A delicious confection for spirit and soul Not to mention flesh In flesh I’m born in flesh I learn in flesh I live in flesh I love Yet more in mind I mind eye mind Her mind And heart There’s madness in my method […]

  • werewolves wanting wings

    Sunfire – foto Smith The Heart as Arsonist Sure the kindling, but as well the wood. The place as such and substance of the matter. Time. Amounts of time to flicker, flame in bright arrogance, become fuel to continuity, faded maturation. It is not wonder yet is why wolves, weres and lovers lie dreaming before […]

  • Guilded splinters and slouching bellies

    Ring around of roses – foto Smith Promise Land Greyhound bound To Tupperware City Light like liquid Zen Wars time, tatters tight As tight asses tie Meat neat man to kine, kino Contempt of course Playing Plato’s barn Blue bloods Stabilize fish at 7 Mime the ma’am Bamboo cathedrals In wondrous disarray Just outside real […]

  • Running from the Quantum Cop

    Just call me Steer-Me Steve – foto Smith Running from the Quantum Cop It’s not out of the question but definitely out of the equation In this zombie walk I talk zombie talk moan “miiiiinnnnnnnddddddsssss” instead of “brraaaaaiiiiiinnnnnnnssss” I crave good conversation yet can’t offer it myself Since aliens stole my brain (which is a […]

  • Outside inside sound

    3 birds – foto Smith Chirp of nearby bird Waterrush traffic of road Outside inside sound — Smith, 6.22.2012 Waterrush – foto Smith

  • Her rock

    Delia King’s design for a Philadelphia mural including Lady K’s poem fotos & design by Delia King Delia King, once of Cleveland now of Philadelphia, is doing a basketball court mural which includes the poem My Rock by Lady K. When it’s done, we’ll drive to Philadelphia and foto Lady next to her public poem. […]