Watercolor Smith – foto Smith

My camera broke again. Here’s a few of the new non-pictures highly fotoshopped. In art there are no accidents, just opportunities.

I’ve used the same model of the Casio Exilim digital camera for ten years now because it’s just the right size to fit in my jeans front pocket and the camera and I are simpatico.

My first digital camera in 2002 was new and lasted three years. My 2nd new one lasted two years, but that included some hard traveling thru three continents for three years. After that we started buying used versions off the internet and they each lasted a year or less and none of them would do what my first one would which was let me put the lens up to a preying mantis’ head or in a wasp nest and get sharp-focused real close-ups.

My 3-sectioned lens mechanism won’t come out all the way, makes a grinding noise. I sprayed it with 4-in-1 oil to make it slide better and it got worse, so I guess I’d not recommend oiling your digital camera.

However I have a trick. After the lens grumbles its way half-way out, I grab the tip with my fingers and pull it out till it stops, and about half the time I can focus and get a foto. Very strange art process. But I’m addicted to taking fotos so I gotta keep trying.

No, not addicted — more symbiotic . . . reality likes pictures of itself and seems to have chosen me along with untold others as a foto finder for images to tape to its Great Cosmic Fridge Door High in the Why.

Ashtray and couch – foto Smith

Dark moon – foto Smith

Vacuum tube – foto Smith

Blues Boy Smith – foto Smith

Here’s the original of one of the above to show you what my camera’s doing.

Dark moon original – foto Smith

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  1. wow.. you make art happen even when things don’t cooperate… bravo.

    Interesting shots.

    I had to get another camera as well after damaging the last one. I dropped it and damaged the lens ever so slightly. But it was enough for it to not wish to take photos properly anymore. And like you the new one does not do what the other did.

    So far the digital I’ve liked best was a plain Kodak with no zoom. It took the best photos.. clear and crisp. But the battery (which was chargeable) no longer would take a charge. And a new battery seemed to not work…

    I’m tempted to go back to an old box camera.. something basic and simple and see what I get?

    All the new fangled gadgetry seems very temperamental.

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