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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
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basking back in this gilt guilt glow?

used Unique Thrift t-shirt – foto Smith


The front of my used XXXtra-large t-shirt sez

Lazarith Hunters
Hostage Inialators
Stronghold Crushers
It’s time to be about
Father’s business
New Beginning
by Diana

I don’t know what it means
but love how it hangs from my large frame
hiding its message in drapes and folds

Don’t believe I’ll be hunting Lazarith though
or even Lazarus
because the dead are dead and back in the flow
so why would I want their husk
or they wish to busk
basking back in this gilt guilt glow?

Neither will I inialate nor annihilate hostages
because we’re all hostage to flesh
and feel and air and see
in this be

The stronghold crushers?
That could go either way depending on flex, flux and flow

As for my Father, he’s dead these 23 years
burned to ashes which grow in my mind

And I’m all for new beginnings, we all could use some
but please, this time think it through
recall back in the new day of the Old Tribe
greed was considered a mental illness
a condition to be cured

Discerning Diana
she of the hunt and the moon and the talking to animals
and the many bare breasts with the long seeking nipples
my hunt is truth
my moon high
my woman my wife
and I talk to everything all the time in my silence
plant, flesh, weather, animal, mineral, thing, now, then, here, there
and sometimes they even answer

Like when this enigmatic t-shirt appeared for a dollar
a unique gift from Unique Thrift
life giving me a lift

— Smith 7.22.2012

The goddess Diana from

One Response to “basking back in this gilt guilt glow?”

  1. chris says:

    I love these…. the are so often clever in construction but also teaming with hidden wisdom..

    thank you

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