Month: August 2012

  • Flesh Form

    the spirit rose – foto Smith Flesh Form Not so much I mind the flesh but the pains, sweat, elimination, eating, not being able to fly are not to my design. I want to soar, swoop, swirl, whirl . . . Except I do mind this meat prison me free flow flux caged in flesh […]

  • Compassion is most applicable for those in need of it

    Compassion comes from a limitless well and we don’t have to dole it out sparingly. As a matter of fact, compassion is most called for in circumstances that try patience. I think specifically of the Cleveland Five, mostly overgrown kids, young men who were part of the Occupy Cleveland movement.

  • Masked Parade

    Ever feather – foto Smith Masked Parade Butterfly in bed color gone flown. Which face do I wear? There’s a man playing discontinuous saxophone in a chair. Things change real fast these days and I’m way behind. Butterfly blossom leaves old tired shrunken husk rises to new light. — Smith, 8.29.2012 in wink’n’nod – foto […]

  • Overdue

    Out – foto Smith Overdue My life is like a book which is cool but it’s not always the one I want to be reading right now — Smith, 8.28.2012 In – foto Smith

  • that’s Pat’s in the Flats #2

    Pat’s in the Flats, found-neon assemblage by Chiplis – foto Smith Sold nine copies of the memoir at a reading. It was a strange sensation, exceeding expectation. We have three copies left to sell and five more readings scheduled . . . better buy another box of books. I was off inwardly as emcee for […]

  • U square not there

    blurb in Scene by Anastasia Pantsios Tomorrow a.k.a. Sunday a.k.a. August 26, 2012 is our 2nd seasonal session of Poetry at Pat’s in the Flats from 11am to 3pm featuring poets Mary Weems, Russ Vidrick, Tom Orange, Steve Thomas, Milenko Budimir, and Shelley Chernin with music by Malphonia (who are Joe Milan on accordion and […]

  • Compostition

    Shadowlight – foto Smith Compostition We see the garbage, the mud but miss that lotus grows from both. No mud, no lotus. No lotus, all mud. — Smith, 8.23.2012 Lightshadow – foto Smith

  • cover boy

    The Other Guy with cover art by Smith John Burroughs and his Crisis Chronicles Press used another of my fotos for cover art: The Other Guy, a new chapbook by John Thomas Allen (CC#31), published 10 August 2012. To order, send $6.50 (includes postage) to 3344 W. 105th Street #4 Cleveland, Ohio 44111. For more […]

  • I think Reality is excited

    Firecracker stars bursting outside our kitchen at midnight led us both to stumble out of bed, wondering if our toaster was exploding. Smith made some noise like he understood the reason in half dream state and I understood what he meant in half dream state but then we reviewed this when we went to bed and the reason was just firecrackers and young people….

  • as above, so below

    Rien, 12″ x 12″ by Lady K, 8.19.2012 I took 2 of Lady’s leftovers from her collage above for our collab collage below. “As above, so below” – old Hermetic phrase. Bone Dance, 6″ x 8″ by Smith & Lady, 8.19.2012