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I think Reality is excited

Firecracker stars bursting outside our kitchen at midnight led us both to stumble out of bed, wondering if our toaster was exploding. Smith made some noise like he understood the reason in half dream state and I understood what he meant in half dream state but then we reviewed this when we went to bed and the reason was just firecrackers and young people, at least on the surface.

An hour of tossing and turning further led me to the couch, then woke up 15 minutes later than normal after a dream where my phone was broken. I think it has something to do with paying proper respect to some conventions.

So I rose quickly like the monks say to wake up, like throwing off your shoes. Like throwing off your shoes is easy, yes? Well, tumbling upwards out of bed can be like the same kind of thing with the right mindfulness or mindlessness.

So I rose quickly and saw more firecrackers in my head, a big purple anemone with streamers and sparklers and thought, wow, my yoga session was ready for me.

After yoga, my morning letter to the Universe, interrupted by the loudest early bird squawking I’ve ever heard. It was like a baby bird didn’t realize it’s not supposed to squawk in the dark so loud. I went to the kitchen to suss the reason. Looked down in our driveway, saw another investigator with a flashlight looking at the cars in our driveway. It didn’t make sense. The bird had only squawked a minute. So the investigator had to be out there for a different reason. I thought, well, is it someone from the apartments in our landlord’s two houses, or someone looking to cause trouble? So I watched with the intent of raising the landlord if anything ill seemed to happen. But the person decided all was OK and turned around and left.

I left to run early this morning and it was so nice. Way before sunrise, and the stars were out, and the dew was on the grass, and the traffic was calm. The stars were out, the stars were out.

Stars, firecrackers, bird. What does it all mean? It’s like Reality is excited. I think it is excited.

~ Lady

One Response to “I think Reality is excited”

  1. chris says:

    I love reading these…. they put me into a happy space inside even though I am sad today on the outside today because Ryan is leaving tomorrow and I won’t see him now for a whole year. Until he returns from Afghanistan.

    I like the last lines particularly… about Reality being excited. It struck me that the Universe/Reality would be excited. It’s involved in so many things… extended itself into so many places so rich with possibilities. I can feel this too when you say it.. and I wonder why I do not feel the same way each day? And how it is that that quality f joy and excitement has been lost? So I’m asking myself why am I not feeling as excited about all the possibilities like Reality is? How do I see that again?

    Thank you for helping me realize I needed to ask this question.

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