Month: September 2012

  • Road of rules

    On the road – foto Smith Noontide Midnight Beware people with Small heads Big mouths Bigger teeth For they bugger ethics Oil small boys Soil Dark questionables Vestments drenched In unholy liquid Tears rise Cry Through my dry Ness It’s noontide midnight Gossamer chalk line fault Cherry red siren on top Whip cream wagon waiting […]

  • Field Marshal May Midwest’s Regional Art Terrorists

    Banksy rat – foto Smith WCPN public radio aired a ten minute piece on my special friend / artbook-papermaker / teacher / artist Melissa Jay Craig, and I was included with her as “one of the 70’s artistic renegades and anti-establishment types who proudly wore the banner of criminal and terrorist” (Dee Perry). They also […]

  • *My Rock* – Lady’s poem in Delia’s mural

    Delia King’s Philadelphia mural containing Lady K’s poem, original design My Rock Most people think of a rock as something stationary on the ground. There is a rock in me that makes me go. I was bewildered by the mystery of my ambition. That’s when I found this rock. This rock won’t break up, and […]

  • My Pisces


  • The Grasshopper’s Tale

    Smith life – foto Smith The man Cool Cleveland labeled “everything your mother warned you about” has released an autobiography that continues his tradition of shock and awe. The book, Stations of the Lost & Found: A True Story of Armed Robbery, Stolen Cars, Outsider Art, Mutant Poetry, Underground Publishing, Robbing the Cradle and Leaving […]

  • military me 63 66 non-military me 75

    military me 1963- foto Smith military me 1966- foto Smith I enlisted in the Navy Summer of 63 because we were too poor for me to go to college and I was too dumb to know about scholarships. The Navy had a program where for every two years you served, they’d pay for one year […]

  • baby orphan squirrel

    Orphan baby squirrel – foto Smith I held a baby squirrel. It purred. It was soft and its little ungrown ears were precious. Waved to my neighbor, asked how she was and she exclaimed, “We have a baby squirrel!” They’d found it in shock hunched in the middle of the busy road, looked everywhere but […]

  • Bisque Buddha

    Pureheart – foto Smith I like this one. Recorded this afternoon. The music slinks along in swamp rock as I successfully exploit my vocal weakness and limited range. Peter wanted to fatten my voice, make it stronger and smoother in editing but I said leave it cuz my sole charm lies in my vocal ineptness. […]

  • The Knot of Reality

    What I like is the idea of making the knot of Reality more simple.

  • Good Time Grooving

    Dancers listening to RA Washington’s band at Ingenuity Fest