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Bisque Buddha

Pureheart – foto Smith

I like this one. Recorded this afternoon. The music slinks along in swamp rock as I successfully exploit my vocal weakness and limited range. Peter wanted to fatten my voice, make it stronger and smoother in editing but I said leave it cuz my sole charm lies in my vocal ineptness. Besides, I usually save face with good words and Peter always comes up with cool sounds

Click to play > Bisque Buddha . . . 3:16, music, mix, recording Peter Ball a.k.a. Apartment One; words, vocal me a.k.a. Mutant Smith.

Bisque Buddha

What good this dusty truth I hold in hand
to gain immoral ground in other’s land?
What use the pure of heart when acts of need
in escalating schemes the living seed?

What truth you want cuz we got em all
There’s the right the wrong the big the very small
Truths change naught though they hurry so
while new lies easily sought scurry low

I hook to my left, fake to my right
Judge by the heft of my tainted sight
Lie lining mission to isn’t within
Bending the truth really isn’t a sin

If truth to be told takes who how and when
Then why the eraser at truth’s other end?
Why all the viewpoints and let’s make amends
when no truth’s all truth and all truth’s a sin?

So I rhyme jism to rhythm within
All going nowhere in wisdom or whim
For all gain’s no gain less all gain as well
A story told too often to sell

I juggle what’s left forgetting what’s right
Lurching in lust in this lack of light
Line lying mission with wishing within
Rendering truth so only I win

— Smith, 9.19.2012 (poem from which this was stolen was 2001)

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