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*My Rock* – Lady’s poem in Delia’s mural

Delia King’s Philadelphia mural containing Lady K’s poem, original design

My Rock

Most people think of a rock as
something stationary on the ground.

There is a rock in me
that makes me go.

I was bewildered
by the mystery of my ambition.

That’s when I found this rock.

This rock won’t break up,
and it doesn’t respond
to my questions.

This rock just says
“I am a rock”
and it makes me go.

— Lady

Delia King’s Philadelphia mural containing Lady K’s poem, original design

Lady’s leaving on the bus for Philadelphia where she’ll attend a reception tomorrow for a mural that incorporates her poem above. She’ll sleep the 10 hour ride with one transfer there, get in at 8am, go to the 3pm reception, followed by an after party at the mural artist’s house, then reboard the bus at 8pm, sleep the 10 hours + 1 transfer back, and arrive home around dawn . . . a peripatetic poet. And likely tired — Thursday when she gets back she has to host an evening anti-fracking meeting at The Gypsy bean.

The mural’s by Delia King.

We couldn’t quite afford to both go on the bus, and weren’t sure our car was up to 16 hours out and back; plus we have a cat that goes into shock when we leave her without human slaves for a day or two, so she goes and I stay. In a way I’m glad because bus seats, as well as train, airplane and too many car seats, are not kind to my 6 foot 3 inch frame, but I miss her already and she ain’t even gone. In the past 7 years, the first 4 we were together 24/7, while the last three back here it’s been 24/7 except for the 1 to 2 days a week she goes to the office. Odd relationship; most folk don’t spend half that time together.

She’s the first poet I know who has a poem in an outdoor mural. New chapbook, public poem, upcoming new issue of her TheCityPoetry zine, co-author and instigator of my memoir . . . the Lady’s on a roll.

These fotos are Delia King’s initial design; the finished mural vibrates with mirrored and metal bits and such.

Delia King’s Philadelphia mural containing Lady K’s poem, original design

2 Responses to “*My Rock* – Lady’s poem in Delia’s mural”

  1. Flying Mermaid says:

    That is so cool! I can’t even imagine how wonderful that must make her feel.

  2. chris says:

    wow.. how sweet! so very exciting… congratulations to one of my favorite people, artist and friends.

    very very nice!!!

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