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Goddess on Gaia

I have this theory that Hurricane Sandy is a manifestation of Goddess on Gaia. Gaia is upset because people in power haven’t been heeding her warnings enough. First she sent an earthquake to Christ Church, New Zealand. She chose Christ Church not because She has particularly ill feelings towards the people who live there, Christ, and church, but because maybe She was thinking, “OK, how do I make it obvious to people that I’m pissed off and want them to stop polluting so much, degrading the environment so much, eating animals so much? I’ll go for something to get their attention. Christ Church.”

Well, that didn’t work. Most people were somehow oblivious. So maybe Gaia got even more pissed off, and conveniently found a city named “Fukushima,” which reminded her of the phrase “Fuck you.” Not that She was angry specifically at the people of Japan or the people of Fukushima (except for proponents of nuclear power, perhaps). It was just a way to say, “Look here, I’m communicating with you. You didn’t get ‘Christ Church’ and wrote that off to coincidence. But Christ Church followed by ‘Fuku’ shima? That I don’t think you’ll write off.”

And maybe She’s not even angry, but just concerned about people and animals and has decided to appear angry to get our attention, but now we’ve got a megastorm right before election day, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. This is the planet saying, “See, here I am, and I have this stuff I could do that might make things a *tad* uncomfortable to you. So please heed. Do not break into my skin and fracture my rock. Do not blow the tops off my mountains. Do not kill so many of my creatures. Do not irradiate the environment. Do not drill for gas and oil so much.”

Here’s what She commands our elected people to do: help wild creatures thrive in the wild again. Tap into gentle energy from wind and solar and wave and maybe even geothermal. Develop smart energy grids. Help us stop having so many human babies–let’s value the present and future for all children. Eat more organically farmed, non-monoculture-crop non-GMO food. Live more according to the environment’s needs.

Elected people and wealthy people have reason to heed this. It is worthwhile to have as much environment as possible left unspoilt, given over to wild animals. The pleasures of this life are found by eating healthy food, seeing that people are happy and seeing the beauty of nature and making worthwhile accomplishments in art, poetry, literature, film, engineering, teaching, etc., and all according to best practices… and surely wealthy and elected people are interested in the pleasures of this life.

~ Lady

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