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no electricity: day 2 of estimated 5

Same foto of red candle – foto Smith

We’re halfway through day two of no electricity thanks to a storm that was 400-500 miles away, and the electric company estimates it will take five days to restore power.

Think the worst part is the constant cold, it creeps into you, through you, as I sit inside in long johns, pants, double socks, t-shirt, sweat shirt, sweater, neck scarf, stocking cap, with gloves and coat nearby waiting in rescue.

The second worst is the darkness. I can see why folks in the pre-electric days went to bed when the sun went down because doing anything by candle light except making out doesn’t work well. Can’t read, can’t find stuff.

Next is the food loss – everything in the fridge and freezer went bad and our cat wants her chicken breast.

After that there’s a raft of worries, like how to charge my laptop which only holds a two-hour charge, how to charge my fone, my camera, having to pay to eat out just to get electricity and internet access.

And underneath all this is the realization that increasing power outages are on the way to becoming our new normal. I’m almost 67, have lived all over the U.S. and around the globe, frequently in third world countries, and I have never experienced a multiple-day power outage. This kind of thing is to be expected from developing countries, not here in the world’s master coporatocracy. It irritates even more because the electric companies have cut investments in their present & future infrastructure to maximize immediate profits at the expense of their customers, have ignored known problems due to profit considerations, are side-stepping laws and regulations while grabbing for the dollar which has ended up killing some of their old, weak and younger customers . . . basically murder for profit.

It is what it is. At least tomorrow evening we should have heat and electricity when we read from my memoir at the Lorain Arts Council.

1 Nov — Lorain Arts Council Gallery 737, we read from my memoir *Stations of the Lost & Found* by Smith & Lady, 66 years in the living, 7 years in the writing. The Lorain Arts Council is presenting an evening of writers, authors and poets from 4-8pm; Lady & I read from 6 to 6:30. The Lorain Arts Council: 737 Broadway Ave, Lorain, OH 44052 —

Ceiling shadow from candle – foto Smith

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