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no WiFi, no heat, no electricity, NO INTERNET

No Wi-Fi Smith – foto Lady K

Lost electricity 9:50pm . . . came back on 11:30pm as I went to bed. Woke up to no electricity. I’m addicted . . . to electricity, lights, heat, internet. Have to examine my life because my addictions are contributing to global warming. And the loss of internet is a monkey on my back. We’re at a restaurant paying multi-bucks for a breakfast we could cook for pennies ourselves, but the cafe has electricity AND Wi-Fi and I’m getting to blog, which is another of my serious addictions — this will be blog 2,766 since mid-2006.

So we’re just one of 11 million without electricity right now. We’re lucky in that we have a gas stove so can cook, and gas water heater so can fill the tub and soak, and I have my one final day’s worth of grass to mellow the edges, although I won’t replace it for awhile after it’s gone cuz right now this isn’t a grass friendly environment what with SuperStorm Sandies and rising electric and heat bills and car fixins and teeth stabilizations and the mind saying it’s time to grass fast for a week or 3 to sharpen the focus, rewake the resolve and look on down the road to what’s happening to our nuclear-wasted oil-polluted shale-fracked Mother Earth.

Kinda curious . . . if we have to keep CO2 gases below 350 ppm to avert damaging global warming with more frankenstorms like SuperStorm Sandy, how come we done passed that level in the late 1980s?
1960 = 315 ppm
1970 = 324 ppm . . . increase ~ 9 ppm in 10 years
1980 = 337 ppm . . . increase ~ 13 ppm in 10 years
1990 = 353 ppm . . . increase ~ 16 ppm in 10 years
2000 = 367 ppm . . . increase ~ 14 ppm in 10 years
2010 = 386.83 ppm . . . increase ~ 20 ppm in 10 years
2011 = 388.95 ppm . . . increase = 2.12 ppm in 1 year
2012 = 391.07 ppm . . . increase = 2.12 ppm in 1 year
The higher this number gets, the worse the weather gets. At a certain point, it’ll be high enough that it’ll feed itself without us.

To look on the bright-side of the silvered-lining, this is an adventure, way beyond the old 9 to 5 drive-by ride.

This is Smith Central reporting once again from backside the mirror in Tarnished Brain Land.

And now for our commercial . . . our next book reading is day after tomorrow.

So, seize ya on the downsize, when electrons flow freely in happy internettedness once again.

1 Nov — Lorain Arts Council Gallery 737, we read from my memoir *Stations of the Lost & Found* by Smith & Lady, 66 years in the living, 7 years in the writing. The Lorain Arts Council is presenting an evening of writers, authors and poets from 4-8pm; Lady & I read from 6 to 6:30. The Lorain Arts Council: 737 Broadway Ave, Lorain, OH 44052 —

Red-eye Express Smith – foto Smith

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