Nehru & Smith as Gandhi – collage by Lady K

While in Croatia in 2007, Lady morphed my face onto famous fotos. The Gandhi one is my favorite, though the Nixon and Waylon Jennings are right up there. I went looking for them because this would have been Gandhi’s 143rd birthday . . . I wonder if he’s coming to the party.

Dung or Diamond

On my lack of fame and fortune
I keep baiting the stream
But nobody bites

As for peace and understanding
I chase the spirit
I follow the sprite

— Smith, 1990

Willie Nelson & Smith as Waylon Jennings – collage by Lady K

Elvis Presley & Smith as Richard Nixon – collage by Lady K

Marcel Duchamp & Smith as Duchamp – collage by Lady K

Smith as Jesus – collage by Lady K

Smith as Vishnu – collage by Lady K

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