birdsss – foto Smith

Birds swarm to top of tree
as she seeds the feeder
before her morning run

— Smith, 11.27.2012

Once Lady stopped feeding Occupy each morning, she bought a red plastic bird feeder and hung it out front and began feeding the birds before her morning run. The birds gather every morning, a moving mass of feathers, 50-100 sometimes, mostly sparrows, and they know just about when she’s supposed to be out there with the birdseed.

Pulp sculptress Melissa Jay Craig told us of a rural friend who started feeding the deer bales of hay in the winter who slept in one morning and was woken by a BAM. Thinking it a fallen branch he lay back down, hears another BAM, BAM. Gets up. It’s a deer banging his antlers against the house, wanting to be fed.

They know where we are, and when we’re harmless.

two by to – foto Smith

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