Month: December 2012

  • Neither Neck nor Necklace

    Check surroundings – foto by Lady K Neither Neck nor Necklace No necklace for the neckless no creature for the creep just loops around the landbound and features we must leap to catch the fly that’s hovering just outside our reach luring us with promise of seeing what we seek to satisfy the fires that […]

  • Bird Moon

    New collage by Lady

  • Cosmic Cable

    3-D white-out – foto Smith Cosmic Cable They claim we’re born in violence from Big Bang boom and thus are doomed to thrash and threat with no thread of solace but yet they’re wrong if all we are are coded bits between recorded sheens beamed along by some Cosmic Programmer to amuse whatever’s watching. In […]

  • Traveling Man

    Gyn – foto Smith Traveling Man I want to travel the country of Nipple on Great Mammary Mountain beyond the Valley of Cleavage Ease down to Eager Beaver explore the Dark Cave of Sacred Clitoris Move round in winter Cuddle up in fun Slick and sweat the summer Two-backed beast beyond — Smith, 12.28.2012 The […]

  • No where there

    No law cat – foto Smith No Where There Two no-cats brushed my where. I looked. They were not there. They brushed again. Ghost dance of none against my skin. — Smith, 12.27.2012 What cat? – foto Smith

  • fair smart air heart

    On the road – foto Smith Haven’t recorded a song for a couple months. Figured why try, what with the world ending yesterday morning and all, but it wasn’t a very good apocalypse since we’re still here so I figured may as well jam again with Peter Ball and we did this – 45 minutes […]

  • Little Lenny, bit of Buddha

    Jokerman – foto Smith This keeps slowly growing. Here’s its latest incarnation — a little Lenny Bruce, a bit of Buddha. Jokerman Didn’t Thich Nhat Hanh once open for Was (Not Was)? Why does the sign always say Rite-Aid? Maybe I want to go to Wrong-Aid for once. What is the sound of one hand […]

  • Yeast of Eden

    Zen cat – foto Smith Yeast of Eden Our cat’s my teacher she tempers my temper fine fluxs my flow yet I linger partake of the apple shake the snake’s hand down in the doubting since no saint without sin no sin without song still the same journey just added time angles to soften the […]

  • Farm

    Photos of farm in the family…

  • Toynbee tiles??

    Cleveland street tiles – foto Smith Do the two streetmen above remind you at all of the Toynbee tile below? All three whisper Toynbee to me . . . same material, canvas, placement, and feel. Could be coincidence, could be inspiration, could be be. per Wikipedia: The Toynbee tiles (also called Toynbee plaques) are messages […]