Neither Neck nor Necklace

Check surroundings – foto by Lady K

Neither Neck nor Necklace

No necklace for the neckless
no creature for the creep
just loops around the landbound
and features we must leap
to catch the fly that’s hovering
just outside our reach
luring us with promise
of seeing what we seek
to satisfy the fires
that wage within our keep
except there is no neck or necklace
no fly that’s fit to eat
just lesson, learning, leaning
which make us ache to meet
what we cannot with grasping
or rending with our teeth
but only when we leave
the prison of our need
cuz there is no neck or necklace
no return on what we bleed
what’s tied to ego building
instead must plead retreat
let want, need, desire
be free from what we teach
stop collecting ire
focus each to each

— Smith, 12.31.2012

Landbound – foto Smith

Bird Moon

Horus Moon

New collage by Lady


Cosmic Cable

3-D white-out – foto Smith

Cosmic Cable

They claim we’re born in violence
from Big Bang boom
and thus are doomed
to thrash and threat
with no thread of solace
but yet
they’re wrong
if all we are are coded bits
between recorded sheens
beamed along
by some Cosmic Programmer
to amuse whatever’s watching.

In which case we come not from violence
but silence
before we’re turned on
our code run
which is why
we dance and stew and bow and hew
to keep our corporal sponsor
just a little longer
as silence to silence we slip in journey
slowly becoming more worthy
learning the less we know.

— Smith, 12.30.2012

Flat earth on finger (or peeled tangerine) – foto Smith

Traveling Man

Gyn – foto Smith

Traveling Man

I want to travel the country of Nipple
on Great Mammary Mountain
beyond the Valley of Cleavage

Ease down to Eager Beaver
explore the Dark Cave
of Sacred Clitoris

Move round in winter
Cuddle up in fun
Slick and sweat the summer
Two-backed beast beyond

— Smith, 12.28.2012

The little death of sex – foto Smith

No where there

No law cat – foto Smith

No Where There

Two no-cats brushed my where.
I looked. They were not there.
They brushed again.
Ghost dance of none against my skin.

— Smith, 12.27.2012

What cat? – foto Smith

fair smart air heart

On the road – foto Smith

Haven’t recorded a song for a couple months. Figured why try, what with the world ending yesterday morning and all, but it wasn’t a very good apocalypse since we’re still here so I figured may as well jam again with Peter Ball and we did this – 45 minutes from recording start to edit finish.

Best I can classify it is ruff-rock cuz I’m rough while the music rocks.

Click here to play Score Chord

Score Chord

It’s been a fair where and I’ve had a few was
but the sparks still arc in this life because
my here to there is to steer clear of fear
no goal but to be and try to re-see

I try to be fair, to keep my step smart
my head in the air and start from the heart

Of course I’ll fail but what a fun trip
seems I’m but blip, a bump on the trail
so that’s my tale since losing my tail
stopping the ale, accepting my flail

I try to be fair, to keep my step smart
my head in the air and start from the heart

My story line has more ups and downs
and surreal clowns than most ever found
went the wrong way yet ended up right
what can I say I’m blessed with the light

I try to be fair, to keep my step smart
my head in the air and I start from the heart

been a fair wear . . .
wrong way bound . . .
go anywhere . . .
never been found . . .

— Smith, 12.21.2012

Music, editing, recording Peter Ball of Apartment One; words, voice Smith. 50-some more Ball& Smith songs for listen or free download at

Circle of life – foto Smith

Little Lenny, bit of Buddha

Jokerman – foto Smith

This keeps slowly growing. Here’s its latest incarnation — a little Lenny Bruce, a bit of Buddha.


Didn’t Thich Nhat Hanh once open for Was (Not Was)?

Why does the sign always say Rite-Aid?
Maybe I want to go to Wrong-Aid for once.

What is the sound of one hand clapping?
Patting yourself on the back.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To get revenge for the road crossing it.

Have a new game: first I eat a raisin, then I eat a grape . . .
call it Re-Incarnation.

Why did the egg cross the road?
To get to the chicken on the other side.

Knock not.
Who’s there?
Not the world, knocked much longer.

What are purple, really angry, and you’d better stay out of their way?
The grapes of wrath.

What do you call an honest cop?

Persian abortion:
Stuff snake up snatch, turn mongoose loose.

Is a Caesarean section a womb with a view?
No – that is a test tube baby.

What should you do if you see a drowning banker?
Toss him a hundred pound bag of pennies.

U has to be the best letter of the alphabet
Because so many say “I love u”

Why is the sound of one gland collapsing?
What the right gland giveth, the wrong gland taketh awry.

— Smith, 12.20.2012

Was (Not Was) – foto Smith

Yeast of Eden

Zen cat – foto Smith

Yeast of Eden

Our cat’s my teacher
she tempers my temper
fine fluxs my flow

yet I linger
partake of the apple
shake the snake’s hand

down in the doubting
since no saint without sin
no sin without song

still the same journey
just added time angles
to soften the seen

— Smith, 12.18.2012

Metamorphic me – foto Smith



~ Lady

Toynbee tiles??

Cleveland street tiles – foto Smith

Do the two streetmen above remind you at all of the Toynbee tile below? All three whisper Toynbee to me . . . same material, canvas, placement, and feel. Could be coincidence, could be inspiration, could be be.

per Wikipedia:

The Toynbee tiles (also called Toynbee plaques) are messages of unknown origin found embedded in asphalt of streets in about two dozen major cities in the United States and four South American capitals. Since the 1980s, several hundred tiles have been discovered. They are generally about the size of an American license plate (roughly 30 cm by 15 cm), but sometimes considerably larger. They contain some variation on the following inscription:

IN MOViE `2001

Some of the more elaborate tiles also feature cryptic political statements or exhort readers to create and install similar tiles of their own. The material used for making the tiles was long a mystery, but evidence has emerged that they may be primarily made of layers of linoleum and asphalt crack-filling compound. Many older tiles considered to be the work of the original tiler have been eroded by inner-city traffic, but as of 2011 older tiles remain in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; St. Louis, Missouri; Cincinnati and Cleveland, Ohio; and South America, among other locations.

downtown Cleveland Toynbee tile – foto Smith