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Neither Neck nor Necklace

Check surroundings – foto by Lady K

Neither Neck nor Necklace

No necklace for the neckless
no creature for the creep
just loops around the landbound
and features we must leap
to catch the fly that’s hovering
just outside our reach
luring us with promise
of seeing what we seek
to satisfy the fires
that wage within our keep
except there is no neck or necklace
no fly that’s fit to eat
just lesson, learning, leaning
which make us ache to meet
what we cannot with grasping
or rending with our teeth
but only when we leave
the prison of our need
cuz there is no neck or necklace
no return on what we bleed
what’s tied to ego building
instead must plead retreat
let want, need, desire
be free from what we teach
stop collecting ire
focus each to each

— Smith, 12.31.2012

Landbound – foto Smith

4 Responses to “Neither Neck nor Necklace”

  1. lady says:

    Dock Boggs interview just came on my Spotify & said that the people wouldn’t stand for convict labor. So am wondering how to juxtapose this with “the prison of our need” in the poem you blogged. I think it’s hopeful in terms of letting go of ego.

    Am thinking also about this in terms of the budget negotiations and entitlement spending even though I know that you were talking more about ego gratification than needs in general.

    In terms of basic human rights such as the right to good health care & health, good environment, good education, good work & good retirement, people are not imprisoned by those rights. May these rights be satisfied!

  2. Christina B. says:

    love both photos… and particularly like this poem… like all of your stuff.. but this one really, really was a good one.

    This will be tagged as my new favorite of yours… good word weaving but good reflections too.

    me likey…. thanks.

  3. Christina B. says:

    forgot to say the top foto made me laugh out loud… I assume it was taken thru the plastic wrap….

  4. chris says:

    Sounds like your car’s backup camera is a new toy to play with.. will be interesting to see what sorts of photos you get with it.

    I love that you even thought to take a photo with it… cool.


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