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Pop goes the wheel

Super awesome – foto Smith

A good day for a flat tire.

Drove to our weekly breakfast. Saw a poet-friend turned hermit at the cash register, sat and talked. As we all left he said “This is going to be a good day.”

Two blocks later we pull over because things don’t sound right. Our rear tire is flat. Lady mentions she heard a *pop* when we parked at the restaurant.

The spare tire is also flat because of a bad air stem. Flat tire, flat spare, I put money in the parking meter.

Lady says she saw a tire store a block back, so I check the broken trunk to see if our jack’s still there, remove the tire, carry it over. They find the air stem blown out at its base (Lady’s *pop*).

They plop in a new stem, say “No charge” and send us on our way.

From flat to fixed, less than 30 minutes. Cost zero, value infinite.

I am grateful for these acts of kindness.

Good day morning – foto Smith

2 Responses to “Pop goes the wheel”

  1. Christina B. says:

    Well it was a good day after all.. because there was kindness in the mix… always something to be grateful for.

  2. Wow, good Karma!
    You must have been kind to a cat, or something..

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