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Traveling Man

Gyn – foto Smith

Traveling Man

I want to travel the country of Nipple
on Great Mammary Mountain
beyond the Valley of Cleavage

Ease down to Eager Beaver
explore the Dark Cave
of Sacred Clitoris

Move round in winter
Cuddle up in fun
Slick and sweat the summer
Two-backed beast beyond

— Smith, 12.28.2012

The little death of sex – foto Smith

One Response to “Traveling Man”

  1. Christina B. says:

    Interesting train of thought this produced for me… liked this.. may work on a poem related to what it stimulated.

    The sticker in the top photo made me wonder if the base word “gyn” is related to the word genie or “jinn”.
    And so it made me want to look it up… and jinn is one of three unseen creatures/beings mentioned in the “Qu’ran. Also refers to something “hidden” and like female parts which are also mostly a mystery or hidden/ magical… I wonder how in this odd Universe they might all be related.

    makes me want to make a wish and say “open sesame”… 🙂

    Also found the bottom photo intriguing… the “Sudden Death Sauce” that makes you ” feel alive”… what a paradox.

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