Month: January 2013

  • Fabric of Reality

    I’ve been working on these little animal dolls from a book my mom gave me for Christmas. I use some old, meaningful clothing. Not only is it a way of revering nature by adoring the animal form, but it’s a means of processing my past and reformulating it for the future.

  • Winter roses 0-3

    A rose by any other name – foto Smith Red Rose Rising It’s time For winter to break Through fall’s motley wake The grass withdraws To let winter pass The earth holds her breath Awaits spring rebirth Nonetheless there’s one Yet strives to leave winter undone One rose alone in brave brittle pose It tries […]

  • The House of Would

    Wizard of Odd – foto Smith The House of Would Just singing a song walking along trying to do no harm Once worshipped at mid-tempo but temple pace is all out or not at all On the deep side of normal I’m minimal animal Lucky to have outlasted myself I want to whirl fraught with […]

  • Calvin, Zits, Frazz – clone or family?

    Calvin & Hobbes comics by Bill Watterson Are these three comic page characters the same person? Because the pre-school Calvin sure looks and acts like teenager Zits who finally matures to cool adult janitor/song writer/bicyclist Frazz. Zits comic by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman Frazz comic by Jef Mallett

  • smithfeet

    Some really nice, harmless manifestations from the goo

  • Four Lady art

    bunny by Lady – foto Smith Lady got a book for Christmas on making stuffed animals and this is her first – a bunny rabbit. Looks pretty cool. The brown material is from her late Grandmother’s pants, so it’s even more special. Lady bunny – foto Smith 2 Lady pieces together – foto Smith And […]

  • Sangha Song (the song)

    One-eye 1 – foto Smith Don’t know how to describe this new Ball & Smith song . . . maybe walkin’ talkin’ blues? Maybe just scaring the children. Click here to listen: Sangha Song (the song). Read here for lyrics Sangha Song (the song) What the word from there to here? How the why that […]

  • Hi Ho Hiccup

    Om – foto Smith Hi Ho Hiccup As I dream different dreams on different days I talk to Reality and sometimes It answers laughs, pokes, jokes kids a bit maybe bites too hard cuz it’s Infinite and forgets how thin our skin in inner rim so rends or mends by chance some Heisenberg hiccup and […]

  • real kulchur one can afford

    front of new NightBallet Press 40-poem chapbook foto by poet Dianne Borsenik Here you go, *Hip Cat Femur Whack Give a Doc a Bone* — a 48-page, 40-poem, $5 Smith chapbook published 1.13.13 by NightBallet Press . . . Dianne Borsenik publisher, editor, layout artist & front cover photographer. A mere 12.5 cents per poem, […]


    Healing that is a fountain found in itself, from the material that is itself ruptured. Healing that does not rob anything else to mend itself, rather partners. Healing that is a blossom from itself.