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Dianne Borsenik’s NightBallet Press is within a week of publishing my new chapbook *Hip Cat Femur Whack Give a Doc a Bone* featuring 40 poems – one from 1965, one from 2005, two 2006, one 2009, four 2010, seventeen 2011, and fourteen 2012 . . . 47 years of poet Smith from age 19 through 66.

Excited because I gave her all my poems and let her choose . . . it is a great gift to see what other poets choose of your work, a chance to see old words in new light.

It’s likely more than 50 pages, so it’ll be $10, or 25¢ per poem (if under 50 pages, $5).

Half the poems I didn’t remember because I usually start a poem the night before, finish it next morning and immediately blog it, then go on to the next poem, frequently forgetting what’s been posted. Averaging 8-20 poems a month lately; in the old days before our 31 months of travel I was writing 5-10 poems a year.

Haven’t seen the cover yet, but believe this to be the poem flow:

Cleveland Gray
Cliff Notes
Formulating Future
Ego Disease
The Rejeculation Blues
Do Wrap
The Owl & the Pussycat Have Sex
To Every Man Who Seeks Cosmic Funk
Sofa Satori
The Doers of Perception
Six Senryu in Search of an Umbrella
House of Seven Veils
Scat Box
Running from the Quantum Cop
Rumi by Way of Dr. Seuss
On the State of the State
Hip Cat Femur Whack Give a Doc a Bone
The Wolf Who Cried Human & the Pack That Wouldn’t Believe
Rosary Candle Cable Wick
Jump Start Cable
Pome Skool
Dalai Lady
Get Me to the Witch on Time
Laptop Dance
Herb 4:20
Life Lines
Out at the In-laws
Out at the In-laws 2
Seven Year In
Walking the Wanting Wheel
In Throe of Woe
I’m Not as Bad as All That
Head Light Tail
High Wind Whether
My Children of the Me
Tonight’s Advice to Tomorrow’s Me

Just washed my face & can’t do a thing with it – foto Smith

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