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I'm for healthy ecosystems

Written for Reality & Jayce Renner’s Mending Reality project

Healing that is a fountain found in itself, from the material that is itself ruptured. Healing that does not rob anything else to mend itself, rather partners. Healing that is a blossom from itself. Healing that is a lotus blossom that uses the health of the mud without subtracting from the health of the mud and without seeing the mud as something undesirable. Lotus showing off the nutrition of the mud.

Healing that self organizes and cleans up after itself. Healing like life that self organizes and does not cause anything that cannot be used well. Healing that is like a closed ecosystem. Or healing that is like an open ecosystem (what’s that?) with everything trending fairly.

Healing that is like a lizard basking in the sun, the sun happy to provide the light. The sun feeling good providing the light. The cloud cover adequate where it needs to be adequate for various beings. The cloud cover thin enough where it needs to be thin enough for various beings. Everything little in its little niche, or if expansive niche needed, everything little throughout the expanse for a good recipe. Everything big in its niche, too. Even the wolves, even the wolves an indication of health. And the diversity. Predators and diversity, without much suffering.

The unsuffering of the animal who does not have to work long hours for food. The unsuffering of the animal who enjoys working long hours for food. The unsuffering of us. Let us get unsuffered. Let us unsuffer ourselves. Let us sigh off a heavy load. Let the holy spirit blow through our nostrils with something loftier.

All aphorisms taken to extents they are useful in a good ways, and not taken to extents they are not useful in good ways.

Healing that is not vampiric. Healing that is vampiric where that is OK and expected, for instance, vampire bats, animals that might seem sneaky, creepy or cruel, but who have their right to exist and the problem is just our perception. And no vampirism among humans. No vampirism, rather collaboration, community, or hermitude when that is preferred. Vampirism like us eating plants. Vampirism like us breathing air. Vampirism like us breathing out carbon dioxide so plants can be vampires on us for the CO2 but not too much. In other words, not vampirism, but coordination. Coordination that does not involve humans creating wounds remotely. Coordination that does not include humans creating wounds directly. Coordination that does not take a bone from one and put it in another location without the one’s well-considered conscious consent when applicable.

Let us rather than stand strong if the standing strong hurts us, bend and whatever intends to pass through will pass through and it will ease itself and become soothing. Or if the standing strong is good exercise, if the standing strong does not hurt, or if the hurt is medicinal, let us stand strong. Let us know when to stand strong and when to bend.

~ Lady


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  1. Christina B. says:

    this is really beautiful.. I’m glad I came back to read these blogs… this was really meaningful for me to read just now…

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